Sunday, November 28

T&K Factory, ‘Black Crown: Wrath of the Catfish King’ Update | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Added 4-cut cartoon story, increased understanding of the game and easier to play

– When offline, rewards such as 200% gold and 500% diamonds increase to complete the idle game

– Increase the chance of equipment upgrade, increase the amount of chests obtained through offerings

TNK Factory (CEO Shin Hee-tae) announced on the 22nd that it had updated the idle RPG mobile game ‘Black Crown: Wrath of the Catfish King’ developed by Coupon and serviced by the company.

In this update, when you run the game, a 4-cut cartoon story that can help you understand the game is exposed, making it easier to play.

In addition, the ‘Book of Thunder’ has been added to the magic book, making it possible to strengthen the ‘Stormbreaker’, and most of the skin book stats are increased.

In particular, gold and diamond rewards have been greatly increased when offline, completing a truly idle game. Compared to the existing ones, gold is 500% higher and diamond is 200% higher, reducing the burden on users.

At the same time, the equipment upgrade rate has increased, and the maximum amount of chests that can be obtained through offerings is also increased.

In addition, the probability of the appearance of relics increases, and the demon command and mine contents are reset every day to obtain more items.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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