Twitch star bbjess says Twitch cheated on her of money

The popular Just-Chatting-Streamerin “bbjess” asked the internet for help. According to her own statements, Twitch did not pay her her earnings from the month of October. After reaching 10,400 paying subscribers last month, Twitch paid her earnings from tens of thousands of dollars not from.

What exactly happened?

On November 19, bbjess turned to Twitter to the public: “Twitch owes me tens of thousands of dollars. My payment method is fine. How can a company get away with not paying its employees?”

She goes on to claim that other streamers have not received a payout either, but does not give any specific names.

bbjess has Dexter told in an interview that she was worried that her missing payouts might be with her Twitch ban from October 20th related.

This spell seems to go with hers iconic “bbjessBoobees” -Emote in connection. This emote has been removed from the platform due to the “display of sexual content and nudity”. The ban was already on canceled after 19 hours and the blocked emote is exactly the same, under a different name, back on the platform.

The 26-year-old sees the outstanding payment as a punishment for her “unjustified ban”. According to her, many smaller streamers haven’t received a payout for months. bbjess just wishes Good communication between her and Twitch:

“It’s sad to know that after having worked so hard to become a partner and toiled to be one of the top 80 most subscribed channels, this is it[e] [Errungenschaft] Still not enough is a person as a conversation partner or a [Twitch-]Get manager. It’s terrifying that I just don’t get paid and it feels unprofessional. ”

According to Dextero, the partner contract between BBjess and Twitch allows the website 45 days after the end of the month to pay out the earnings.

Twitch is always criticized when it comes to the way the platform handles its streamers. That’s what Dr Disrespect called his permanent ban as damaging to reputation.

Who is bbjess?

bbjess is particularly popular with viewers because of its weird humor. Have this sense of humor, coupled with the high production value of their streams Jessica – as it is called by its real name – has literally gone through the roof recently.

It not only reached 10,400 subscribers, but also cracked the 41,000 follower mark on Twitch. In a direct comparison to the previous month, the number of followers alone has increased according to the twitchtracker more than tripled and the number of their subscribers has also almost quintupled. This makes it one of the top 0.04% on Twitch.

In one Interview mit lifewire told the 26 year old Americanthat she came on the platform during the pandemic. Twitch helped her immensely to survive the lockdown.

According to their own statement, their streams are a “performance”. They are a wild mix of funny dance passages, flashing flashes and quieter sections in which she talks to her chat. According to their own statement, a real bbjess stream is reminiscent of a real one Feverish dream.

sources: Dexter, lifewire

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