Activision Blizzard: Nintendo finds clear words on the sexism scandal

Of the Activision-Blizzard sexism and discrimination scandal continues to draw wide circles. at Activision-Blizzard There is great distrust on the part of the employees who went out of work in protest to work for CEO Bobby Kotick’s resignation to demonstrate.

Furthermore were also Voices from the gaming industry according to. Sizes like Sony and Microsoft already commented on the scandal and condemned Activision-Blizzard’s handling of the allegations.

Now also answered Nintendo America has its say and thus joins the choir of gaming greats.

Nintendo is clearly positioning itself

Like his colleagues at Sony and Microsoft, he wrote Nintendo America President Doug Bowser, an email to his employees. A report by Fanbyte According to him, he addresses the situation in the email and positions himself clearly:

“Like all of you, I have followed recent developments at Activision Blizzard and the ongoing reports of sexual harassment and toxicity within the company. I find these reports troubling and disturbing. They contradict both my values ​​and Nintendo’s beliefs, values ​​and guidelines.”

Bowser further stated in the message that Nintendo is in favor of one open and inclusive workplace start where everyone is welcome. He notes that the company adheres to this standard itself and that it expects the same from the industry and its partners.

Nintendo boss wants to see action

He goes even further and states that the Nintendo “in contact with Activision” stood and “Have taken action and check others “, although it is not explained in detail which measures are involved.

Presumably so is the THIS, one Lobby organization, meant, which he mentioned later. Include here Nintendo and also Activision-Blizzard this organization.

Bowser says Nintendo has been working with ESA since last week at the latest Strengthen attitudes towards harassment and abuse in the workplace, and that the ESA send its members to the highest standard must hold.

“Every company in the industry needs to create an environment in which everyone is respected and treated equally, and in which everyone understands the consequences of not doing so.

Will Kotick step down?

How and whether the measures taken will work remains to be seen in the future. So far stands the board of directors of Activision-Blizzard still behind Bobby Kotick. This should known about the sexism and abuse scandal have and even involved myself have been.

That Wall Street Journal recently reported that Kotick was considering to leave the company. He made that dependent on whether he was able to improve the “culture of misconduct” in his company “as quickly as possible.

What do you think of Bowser’s statements about the situation? Do you think Nintendo’s actions will bear fruit?

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