Apple Watch within striking distance: Toughest competitor surprisingly catches up

For a long time Apple was considered unbeatable in the smartwatch business, the competition far behind. But the toughest competitor is now surprisingly catching up with the Apple Watch. What are the possible reasons?

The market researchers from Counterpoint Research publish the current figures on the smartwatch market and they have it all, as they contain a violent surprise (source: Counterpoint Research).

Samsung is catching up with the Apple Watch

Though Apple still leads the market in the third quarter of 2021 (21.9 percent), but has to give way. In the previous year, they claimed a full 28 percent of the market. That hurts, especially when the toughest competitor visibly benefits from it.

Samsung can increase its share significantly, from 9.9 percent to 14.4 percent and thus a well-deserved second place, which was claimed by Huawei the year before. This is what growth looks like. This means that the Koreans are in real striking distance from the Apple Watch. There are only 7.5 percentage points between the two counterparties. Apple’s decline at the system level is even clearer, because Google’s Wear OS makes the jump from 3.2 percent to 17.3 percent. Not much is missing from the Apple Watch.

Apple puts a lot of pressure, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – here in the video:

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Causes for the current development in the smartwatch market

But what are the reasons for this development, will it continue? One possible reason can be found at Apple. the Apple Watch 7 just came out too late for the third quarter. As is well known, Apple was not able to launch sales as early as desired. In addition, quite a few customers expected more from the new smartwatch. Except for the slightly larger display, everything stays the same. There are no new features.

And then there would also be that New alliance between Samsung and Google. Counterpoint makes the introduction of the Galaxy Watch 4, the growing app ecosystem of Wear OS and a wider range of models and new features responsible for the significantly increased sales of the Koreans.

So the starting position for Samsung is good, but only a look at the fourth quarter in January will tell us whether this development will continue. It is possible that Apple will increase its Christmas sales with the Apple Watch 7. However, since Huawei is sagging more and more, Samsung will at least be able to hold its current position, so our guess.