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Battlefield 2042 lands in Steam’s Top 10, which EA never wanted to be in

A few days after the release of Battlefield 2042, what was already foreseeable in Early Access and after the first reviews continues. Overall, the game does not do very well with the press and community and even led to a placement in Steam’s Hall of Shame, which EA would certainly prefer to do without.

Battlefield 2042 gets a place in Steam’s Hall of Shame

Bugs, server problems and many wrong decisions in terms of gameplay – whether now on Metacritic, on Reddit or in the Steam Reviews, the community expresses massive criticism of Battlefield 2042 on these platforms. EA’s continuation of the popular shooter series is now on Steam Rank 10 of the worst rated games arrived. (Source: Steam 250).

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Of over 46,000 reviews on Steam, just under 27 percent are positive. Needless to say, Publisher EA would rather appear in other top lists.

Isn’t anyone playing Battlefield 2042 anymore?

The only reasonably reliable source of player numbers outside of direct publishing by publishers is the Steam Charts. There, Battlefield 2042 only got off to a good start on November 21st and was ranked 9th among the most played games, one of the “good” top 10 lists. (Source: Steam DB). As expected, the numbers fell at the start of the week, since fewer players are of course active during the week than at the weekend.

Observing the Steam Charts for several weeks could at most provide an indication of falling numbers. Even on the PC, many fans play via EA’s own launcher Origin and the numbers from the consoles are also unknown.

Is this review bombing now?

The weaknesses of Battlefield 2042 are discussed almost as much as the question of how representative Steam reviews are at all. As already stated, they only represent part of the PC community. With popular series in particular, there is always a loud minority that works on as many platforms as possible have to vent their frustration at a gamethat didn’t turn out exactly as they imagined.

In our test, Battlefield 2042 was only able to convince in parts:

But between the unreflected hatred can also be found much agreement on the things that Battlefield 2042 is doing wrong from a community perspective and last but not least, the very objectively ascertainable bugs and performance problems. All in all, the many Reddit posts, Steam reviews and other platforms for feedback result in a rather negative image of Battlefield 2042. Nevertheless, this image is consumed by maximally bad reviews. All the ratings are still not representative of the entire community, but doesn’t the sheer mass of criticism mean that it is essentially justified?

After a week of Early Access, Battlefield 2042 was released on November 21, 2021 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.


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