Battlefield 2042: Meta-weapons of the multiplayer modes

Of course, everyone in Battlefield 2042 doesn’t just want to take goals, they also want to get kills. Your choice of weapon plays a crucial role. In the following we show you the best weapons for the multiplayer modes.

Note: The article covers the weapons from Battlefield 2042 without the “Portal” mode. Since rifles from previous parts of the series are also used in portal mode in self-created scenarios with different game rules and modifiers, we do not include these weapons. These are exclusively the rifles that belong to Battlefield 2042 and are available in the modes of conquest and breakthrough.

The best weapons in Battlefield 2042

At the start of Battlefield 2042 you stand 22 weapons to choose from, but not all rifles are useful. Important: However, you should not understand the weapons listed as a ranking list. Depending on your style of play, your choice of weapon should be different. Nonetheless, all of the rifles listed are powerful and are some of the current meta-weapons in the game.

By the way, if you want to unlock all trophies and achievements, the weapon choice is also important, as you have to achieve a T1 championship badge with any rifle.

Important NOTE: The game has some problems at launch, especially in the “Weapon Bloom” area. The bloom effect describes the problem that your shots do not hit the enemy target, even though you are actually on your enemy with the crosshair. So keep this in mind, right now your aim isn’t always responsible for whether your shots hit or not.

The best sniper rifle

The NTW-50 makes the race for sniper rifles, you get the weapon at level 60. Sniping in Battlefield 2042 is currently met with little enthusiasm among fans. If you still do not want to change the style of play, you should use the NTW-50 sniper rifle.

The special thing about it, compared to the other two snipers in the game, is that the NTW-50 often does a one-shot kill perform. Unless you shoot at extremely long distances. Another advantage is that you can even use the weapon against vehicles. You can modify them in such a way that you cause even more damage to vehicles. For this reason, some players prefer to use them against wheeled vehicles than a rocket launcher.

the disadvantage are, however, that your only 4 shots per magazine have and no silencer can pack on the gun. So you will always appear on the enemy’s radar after a shot is fired.

The NTW-50 is the best sniper rifle in Battlefield 2042.
The NTW-50 is the the best sniper rifle.

The best semi-automatic rifle

That SVK is the favorite in this category, you get it relatively early in the game, at level 14. With this weapon, the bloom effect is very low compared to the other weapons. It has a high rate of fire and can knock down enemies with 2 volleys, even over longer distances. That’s why a lot of gamers are currently using it as their favorite sniper rifle, even though it’s technically not a sniper at all.

As long as you have not yet activated the NTW-50 and still want to act as a sniper, you should use the SVK. Just make sure that you don’t use attachments that reduce the firepower of the rifle.

The SVK is currently the best semi-automatic rifle in Battlefield 2042.
The SVK is currently the best semi-automatic rifle.

The best submachine guns (MP)

the MP9 you get at level 36. True, she only owns little firepower, but the RPM value (“rounds per minute”) is very high at 900. In addition, it is precise and does not have a particularly high bloom effect. You can also equip a silencer so that you don’t appear on the enemy’s radar and expand the magazine. You have to play it at short to medium distances, however.

Another submachine gun is the PP-29, which you unlock at level 18. For many players, it’s one of the best weapons in the game right now. It is extremely precise and also has a large magazine. Without surprise it is one of the top meta-weapons. You have probably already noticed it in your lobbies, a lot of players are convinced of the MP. It can be very deadly at short, medium, and even slightly longer distances.

For many players, the PP-29 is currently the best weapon in Battlefield 2042.
For many players, the PP-29 is currently the best weapon in the game.

The best light machine gun (LMG)

That You unlock LCMG quite early, more precisely at level 3. Especially with the large number of players within a match, the magazine has a positive effect. In any case, use a magazine that increases your capacity to 200 salvos. So it is absolutely no problem to take out several opponents with just one magazine.

The best assault rifle & the best shotgun (utility)

In the current meta, you should stay away from these two weapon categories. In earlier parts of the series, the assault rifles were actually always one of the best weapons in the game. This is different in Battlefield 2042. The assault rifles have a really high bloom effect, so you shouldn’t use them.

Due to the huge maps of BF 2042, you should also not use shotguns that are in the utility category. You will almost never encounter enemies consistently at close range, so shotguns make absolutely no sense at the moment.

What’s your favorite weapon in Battlefield 2042? Please write us in the comments, we are interested in your opinion!