Battlefield 2042: Sniper instead of rocket launcher – this is how you defeat tanks

If someone holds a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher in front of your nose and asks what you would rather fight a tank with – most of them would intuitively choose to fire a rocket. In Battlefield 2042, however, you should rather use the Sniper Rifle!

As players have since found out, the NWT-50 dismantles armored vehicles much faster than the Rocket Launcher M5. A video evidence is currently causing discussions about balancing. In any case, Battlefield 2042 doesn’t have realism, says editor Elena:

Battlefield 2042 has a huge story problem


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Battlefield 2042 has a huge story problem

Bullets instead of missiles

Reddit user SheroxXx shows in a short clip why the Sniper Rifle is currently the better choice against tanks. As you can see in it, it takes three hits with the rocket launcher for the tank to smoke – and then it is still not broken.

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The big problem: you can normally only carry three rockets, then you have to pick up supplies from a supply crate. If you are traveling with a Sqaud, your teammates should also fire at the tank so that it is already damaged when you shoot it. The M5 is actually intended as anti-tank defense, but at the moment it doesn’t really meet this requirement.

With the sniper it also takes four shots, but they are done much faster in a row. Accordingly, the vehicle blows up after just a few seconds. The only disadvantage: To unlock the NWT-50, you first have to reach level 60. The rocket launcher, on the other hand, is available to you from the start.

Battlefield 2042 – View screenshots

The comments below the video show: Many find this quite unrealistic and strange. But finding a simple solution to the problem is probably not that easy. If the M5’s base damage is increased, it could be too strong against infantry groups. Increasing the reload speed should create similar difficulties. It remains to be seen whether a patch brings improvements here, perhaps with a damage boost only against tanks.

The next update will continue on other fronts:

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What do you think of the fact that a sniper rifle can take down tanks more easily than the rocket launcher can? Does that bother you or do you like to take advantage of this meta?