Black Desert Mobile, Calpheon Banquet held on December 12

Data provided – Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss (CEO Kyung-in Jeong) will hold the Black Desert Mobile global user conference ‘Calpheon Banquet’ on December 12th.

The Calpheon Banquet is a game event for users around the world who are servicing Black Desert Mobile. Details of the event will be announced later, and the Black Desert PC & Console Calpheon Banquet will be held on December 11th one day earlier.

The ‘Calpheon Art Festival’ will be held at the banquet, and submissions will be accepted until the 28th. You can submit various creative works such as ▲illustration ▲video/music ▲fan art, costume, etc., under the theme of Black Desert Mobile.

iPad Pro (12.9-inch + Apple Pencil 2nd generation) will be awarded to the grand prize winners in each field, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 as the grand prize, the Marshall Bluetooth speaker as the Excellence prize, and the Calpheon Edition (20 people) as the special prize.

You can also participate in the ‘fashion show’ that showcases character customization until the 28th. You can deliver a screenshot taken after customizing and dyeing with colorful colors. The grand prize winner will receive the 7th generation Apple Watch, the Grand Prize AirPod Pro, the Excellence Prize Galaxy Buds, and the Special Prize (20 people) Calpheon Banquet Goods.

All winners of art festivals and fashion shows will be given special titles for the Calpheon Banquet.

For more information about Black Desert Mobile’s Calpheon Banquet, please visit the official forum.