Call of Duty should no longer appear every year

There are some things that are firmly anchored in the annual plan. This includes, among other things, that fans can look forward to a new title in the Call of Duty shooter series each year. But that’s supposed to be over soon, because the annual release rhythm could be history in the near future.

Soon no more annual Call of Duty?

At least that’s what the Twitter user and leaker “RalphsValve” claims. He recently spoke up in a tweet claiming that Activision Blizzard currently supposedly thinking about it at Call of Duty to deviate from the annual release rhythm in the future.

However, he did not name any source for this, and “RalphsValve” was not particularly correct in the past Forecasts and Leaks appeared.

Longer development time = better Call of Duty?

Incidentally, this annual release rhythm has existed since 2005 with the launch of Call of Duty 2. Since a total of three studios (Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games und Treyarch) work alternately on the brand, the publication of new episodes on an annual basis has not been a problem so far. Still would have Expansion of the release calendar possibly some advantages.

The teams would have more time for development of a new Call of Duty and would not be under constant pressure of a fixed release schedule. At least in theory, this could result in an increased quality of the individual episodes. In addition, the future focus of Activision Blizzard could be even more on the very successful Battle-Royale-Ableger Call of Duty Warzone lie.

Activision Blizzard is not getting out of the headlines

In addition, the company is likely to have slipped a bit in terms of planning security. Massive scandals relating to sexual abuse and bullying ensured that numerous executives from the various studios had to leave.

Thousands of employees signed petitions and stopped working to protest the unsustainable conditions. In the meantime, Activision Blizzard CEO Robert Kotick is right at the center of the scandal. He is said to have known about the disturbing events in his company and to have protected employees accused of rape. Kotick is now considering his resignation. Of course, the presumption of innocence applies.

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