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[기사 본문]

The Chungnam Global Game Center of the Chungnam Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency announced on the 23rd that it had successfully attended the ‘G-Star 2021’ (hereinafter referred to as G-Star) event for three days from the 17th to the 19th. Unlike last year, which was conducted 100% online due to COVID-19, this year was conducted in parallel online and offline.

The Chungnam Global Game Center, which opened in 2019, has been playing the role of a regional global game center in charge of nurturing local game talents, supporting the occupancy of local game companies, and supporting game production and export for local game companies. .

This year, the resident companies of the Chungnam Global Game Center put forth their entries in ‘Penta Game – My Turn’, ‘Zip Lab – Heroic Tactics’, ‘Time Stone Games – Before the Dawn’, and ‘Bucket Play – Swing Dunk, My Little Paradise’, respectively. It drew the attention of global investors and publishers.

The Chungnam Global Game Center supported the operation of booths for resident companies to hold business meetings. In addition, foreign language interpreting specialists have been deployed so that meetings with global investment companies and publishers can run more smoothly.

With the operation of the G-Star BTB Pavilion, ‘Pentagame’, ‘Zip Research Center’, ‘Time Stone Games’ and ‘Bucket Play’, the tenant companies of the Chungnam Global Game Center, achieved an average consultation amount of about 700 million won in collaboration, publishing and investment. did..

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]