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Com2uS-Gamevil, Recruitment of 7th ‘Com2uS Player’, University Student Supporters | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Recruitment of participants for the 7th ‘Com2uS Player’ for college students who are highly interested in Com2uS-Gamevil and the game industry

– Recruitment of applicants on the official recruitment website in three categories: video shooting, video editing, and design by December 7th

– Com2uS Player will conduct various supporter activities such as video production and article writing during the first half of next year, and provide benefits such as additional points and monthly activity fee to graduates when applying for a job

Com2uS (CEO Song Jae-Jun, Lee Joo-Hwan) and Gamevil (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 23rd that they were recruiting 7th Com2uS Player, college student supporters.

Com2uS and Gamevil run a supporters program every year for college students who have a strong interest in the game industry and their affection for both companies.

The 7th Com2uS Player can be applied by any current student or student on leave of absence residing in Korea, and by December 7th, to register for participation.

There are three categories of recruitment: ▲video shooting ▲video editing ▲design. The final participants are selected by evaluating their rich understanding of each field and their ability to use software tools.

The selected Com2uS players will conduct various supporter activities from January to June 2022, starting with the launch ceremony in December. They will plan and produce games and HR related contents for Com2uS and Gamevil themselves, participate in internal and external events, interview interviews, and write articles. The produced videos and articles are from Com2uS-Gamevil’s Recruitment Blog ( and YouTube channel (, etc., will be published.

Com2uS players who have completed their activities will be given additional points when applying for recruitment and internships by Com2uS and Gamevil in the future, as well as a monthly activity fee and rewards for excellent reporters. In particular, it is expected that it will be a beneficial experience for young talents who are interested in the industry as it is possible to directly experience and report on the vivid practical sites of both companies, which are global leading mobile game companies and are expanding into the future content market.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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