Competition for BF 2042? World War 3 starts beta this week

The picture does not show Battlefield 2042, but the Polish competitor World War 3.

The new version of World War 3 caught the big competitor Battlefield 2042 in a sensitive position. In the community of BF 2042, the mood is moderate at best, while World War 3 starts in a new version in the closed beta on November 25, 2021.

Anyone who already owns World War 3 or who buys the Early Access version now can play. In the last run, only the old veterans got a chance. Now every player can see for himself whether the restart was successful.

We show you in the video what is currently spoiling the mood for Battlefield fans.

Many similarities to Battlefield 2042

No copycat: The setting of World War 3 had been fixed for years, long before the big stepbrother Battlefield 2042 stepped into the public eye with a similar near-future scenario. However, World War 3 certainly relies on classic Battlefield DNS for many aspects of the concept.

We fight as soldiers of one of the great world powers on huge maps for the control of flag points. These are even made up of several sub-goals to form larger sectors, as also applies to Battlefield 2042.

As weapons, we wield all kinds of realistic war weapons, including well-known assault rifles, sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Because we also take a seat in vehicles such as tanks – and of course we also fight them. The trailer shows what the gameplay of World War 3 looks like:

World War 3: Trailer for Beta wants to convince Battlefield fans


World War 3: Trailer for Beta wants to convince Battlefield fans

All in all, the gameplay is very similar to that of Battlefield, even if you can’t count on the high production quality of an AAA game. The small Polish indie studio The Farm 51 is responsible for the fact that it was recently able to make a name for itself with the gloomy Cherno shooter Chernobylite:

The most exciting Chernobyl since Stalker


Chernobylite im Test

The most exciting Chernobyl since Stalker

What do you think of World War 3? Do you give the Battlefield competitor a chance? Have you already tried the new version and can you share your experiences? Feel free to write us in the comments!