Distera 2nd CBT that 60% of the content was developed, how do you feel?

The second CBT of ‘Distera’, a new game published by Kakao Games and being developed by Reality Magic, ends on the 23rd. Since it adopted SF, which has relatively little interest in an open world crafting survival game, a genre completely different from the mainstream FPS, MMORPG, and RPG in Korea, it felt a bit strange to domestic users from the time it was first released.

Distera, which went through alpha testing in March and CBT in July, presents an uncomplicated collection and manufacturing method for a crafting survival game, while compromising while presenting relatively clearly why users should participate in survival and what their ultimate goal is. seemed On the other hand, since it was in the testing stage, I often felt that the direction was not well established. Although the harsh environment was well exposed, the users who were new to survival games were at the beginning so hard that they couldn’t do anything. However, for users who have played survival games, there were cases where they could not even grasp the middle point enough to say that it was too plain.

Four months later, ‘Distera’ was tested once again to receive feedback from global users. In Korea, due to the circumstances of G-Star, it was difficult to use the full play time from the 16th to the 23rd, so I would like to focus on that first impression and how it felt when I came in as a latecomer.

■ Even if it’s broken, I’ll live anyway if I have a mechanical arm

The subject of surviving in an already ruined world is a common type of survival game. Humanity, who was struggling with energy, was in a state of chaos while searching for new resources, or a meteorite fell somewhere, or a catastrophe that was comparable to that occurred. It’s hard to see from the standpoint of being busy to survive, but anyway, it’s human nature to be busy complaining about why things should be like this after surviving.

In this game, the player’s position is the exile. It’s a pioneering story, but in reality, it was forced into a pod and ejected from the space station ‘Orobis’ for some reason. From the beginning of the game, you can already roughly know the inside story through radiograms. Rather than that, it’s important to first dismantle the pod you’re riding in, get the materials, and then come up with the minimum means to survive with it, but anyway, since you’ve barely known the inside story, all that’s left is survival.

▲ I went in with a broccoli shape.

▲ “Yes, you are expelled”… Let’s disassemble the pod first.

It is easy to associate with games such as being a prisoner and having a battle royale on an island, or surviving a barren environment like a concentration camp. However, since the alpha test, Distera wasn’t that hard of a game. Gathering, disassembling, and collecting all of these things, just one F key from the start is enough. The resolving lasers on the mechanical arm will take care of the rest. If you are in a position to pick up branches and play a crafting game that starts with a stone ax because you don’t have a pickaxe, an axe, or a sickle, you may be amazed at the deceptiveness of the gadget, but say that it is too easy.

What’s more, there is a function called ‘extra-sensory vision’ that scans and displays the collected material, so it was enough to be considered a sample of an open world crafting game that beginners can easily access from just looking at the theory. In the crafting survival game, the most difficult thing for beginners is to find materials and the process of making tools to dig materials.

▲ Is it possible to collect? Let’s turn on V if you want

▲ Pickaxe

▲ It’s really comfortable just that you don’t need a knife to peel the skin. If I had to make a stone knife or a pickaxe first…

The stress was definitely less because the process was omitted considerably. Since the task of hunger and thirst came later than expected, I was able to survive with my bare body until I found some materials and instinctively hunted for something. Although there are various abnormalities such as radiation, it is fairly simple, and the level design is systematic enough that it takes you to the deepest part of the abnormalities that can only be solved by making various medical tools.

And at first, kindly, he takes care of what to do on the radio one by one step by step, so just listening to it is half the time. This is because it teaches the basics of survival game step by step, starting from digging for ingredients, gathering food, and even making a shelter. Of course, it is impossible to know without turning on a separate appendix that there are dangerous animals such as bears, other than deer, and security robots that rush to apply a stick when someone comes within the detection range. However, it was worth the effort to find that much, if you were in the position of a crafting survival game.

▲ When you hear a mixture of thumping and mechanical sounds, let’s get nervous. It means something like a security robot is nearby.

■ The ratio of realistic survival is slightly reduced, and the steps to the battle are eased.

▲ In the previous CBT, at night, you could not see unless you were in front of your nose, but this time, your vision is much brighter.

If you listen up to this point, it is hard to believe that there were evaluations that the accessibility of beginners until the last CBT was quite low. The reason was simple. In the past, it was often thrown into harsh environments before the tools were even properly prepared.

The most important thing in survival is to first check where you are and if there are any dangers around you besides water and food. And isn’t this something you can usually see with your own eyes? It’s not about sleeping quietly in extreme situations or moving cautiously with a torch. As the field of vision is narrowed, it is difficult to react to the danger around you, and it is difficult to recognize it in advance, so the risk increases that much.

But in the last CBT, Distera was too harsh from this point on. It goes without saying that it gets dark at night, but since it was thrown from the beginning with almost no way to turn on the lights, there was little that users could do during that time. It is said that the extrasensory vision covers some degree, but the amount of the battery is not very large and if the battery is used up with the extrasensory vision, it is not possible to collect it, so it is said that it is in a dilemma.

▲ It has become easier to obtain essential capital such as batteries and water by entering the abandoned buildings everywhere.

Also, in a space where there is nothing to collect, there is a problem that surrounding objects cannot be distinguished well, so it was difficult to see it as a perfect solution in the end. If the day is a little clear, you may not know it, and if it is in a state of no moonlight, there is no hell at all. Moreover, there was no radio broadcast tutorial that exists now, so if you are new to survival games, you will not be able to do anything and feel frustrated.

Such a problem was largely solved by making the night a little brighter to get some visibility, and adding the aforementioned tutorial. Moreover, the battery is relatively far away, so unless you keep your extrasensory vision turned on, you won’t run out of energy much.

Of course, it’s a bit far from a realistic survival game, and it’s a casual gathering and crafting system, but it’s changed to a lighter one, so some users may not be very satisfied. However, from before, Distera was a game that focused on ‘fighting’ after making something out of it, rather than risking her life for gathering, processing, and crafting.

▲ It only teaches you the very basics, but with this alone, you will have all the necessary conditions for survival.

In fact, if you go through the tutorial to a certain extent, you will see countless robots who are busy jumping in with shields and clubs as soon as they see other users as well as users. The reason we can’t avoid fighting with those robots forever is that there are often essential materials that can only be obtained by going where they are. If you are lucky and fall on a field with a lot of materials such as lenses from the beginning of the tutorial, you can quickly catch a dwelling, but if you don’t, you will have to wander around and end up in an unavoidable battle with the patrolling robot.

And until you get the skill, it’s very difficult to beat those robots with their bare body. Although there is a weapon called a mechanical arm, would it be difficult to defeat those whose whole body is a piece of iron? The victory of civilization called guns is essential. Moreover, even if you go a little deeper, you will encounter a robot armed with a rifle, which means that the gathering for survival is blocked unless the user is armed quickly.

▲ Even if you go a little deeper, quite strong enemies will start coming out one by one.

▲ But how to always take risks to get advanced gear

If it had been a design centered on real survival, this design would have felt a little forced. However, since Distera is easy to gather and craft, it is not a big problem. In other survival games, making a ranged weapon itself consumes a lot of materials, but getting a pistol in Distera isn’t difficult after just digging around a few abandoned buildings in a safe area on the outskirts. Like adventure games or battle royale games, I don’t pick up a pistol that someone threw away, but if you find crafting materials and press craft and look around, you can quickly find a pistol left in the equipment window.

It’s easy to get back up quickly no matter where you’ve been screaming, so there’s little burden. That is why, even when the battle takes place from the beginning, the feeling is quite different from other survival games. Rather than buying and avoiding the body, it was possible to fight once and then retweet again. Of course, it would be hesitant if you were stocking up on ingredients, but at least you didn’t know anything at the beginning and there was no need to hesitate when you tapped. In fact, there was a convenience command to retweet quickly when you thought you were going to die, so it seems that this kind of light gameplay was intended in a way.

▲ Even if I die and go back in

▲ Restoration to this extent can be carried out without difficulty.

■ What is the long-term plan for survival, struggle, and escape?

▲ Normally, bears are very dangerous, but now they are a very good source of protein.

In this way, distera, the most important keyword in the survival game, has been solved to some extent. Even if one goes wrong, there is no case of various status ailments sticking to one another, or it is difficult to make a single weapon, so it will not stretch out helplessly with a stick. In other games, difficult to make gunpowder weapons are readily available from the beginning, so from then on, the game proceeds with a battle royale-like combat feel rather than a crafting survival game.

In fact, ‘Distera’ has been a very high game since the alpha test compared to other survival games. Even at the time when it was a bit cumbersome to go gathering, it was relatively easy to obtain and make firearm materials, and naturally, the dependence on firearms was quite high. His shooting sense was also quite good. It may be difficult to compare it with the outstanding triple-A FPS in terms of pronunciation, hand taste, and hitting feeling, but I thought it would be a bit difficult to find a shooting sense like that in survival games.

Moreover, the proportion of enemies armed with metal rushing in from the beginning was also high, so this must have been an inevitable trend. In particular, the chips that can be mined from the robots are needed to manufacture various skills and weapons, so after a certain amount of time, you will have to go hunting for the robots actively. It’s fortunate that things in the field respawn and recharge fairly quickly. At first, when I was not used to it, I was surprised by the robot that suddenly respawns and slaps the back of the head.

▲ I was relieved because I knocked it down earlier, but I’m afraid I’ll get hit.

Just as a person cannot live on rice alone, in a survival game, when the goal of ‘survival’ is achieved to some extent, something to do next should be given. In particular, as Distera’s time to reach a stable trajectory is relatively quick compared to other games, something to be done afterward had to be presented. At the latest, in an hour, the basic housing is built and the tutorial is finished, and if you have basic FPS skills, you have enough weapons to counterattack against the enemy you want to start and camp first.

In particular, the battle tempo of Distera is rather slow compared to other FPSs, so there was no guarantee that you would be defeated even if you were attacked once. Even if you have only basic armor, you have a lot of room to win by calmly stepping on the warrigari step. Of course, it would be a different story if the opponent had excellent FPS skills, but then, isn’t the thrill of survival games to try to survive somehow while blaming luck? It’s a survival game in a genre where you can deal with that until the game is over like battle royale, or until it’s over like a deathmatch.

▲ He secretly went to recover his stamina and repaired it, and cut the back of his head.

▲ Thanks for the ingredients. It would have been difficult to win if it was an all-out war, but the original survival game is like this

▲ So, always lock the door and put a password on it.

It was difficult to see that the ‘goal’ that users should jump into in such a survival game was perfectly presented. The fact that the world view overflowing with the exquisite atmosphere of Apocalypse was digested with excellent graphics, or that the survival process was simplified so that it was easy to adapt, and the sense of battle was quite good, is a good point to appeal. It also catches the eye well.

To the users who came in that way, there were still many things that Dystera lacked to say that it gave a clear vision. Whether they were aware of this, the goal was presented relatively clearly from the beginning, and supplementary measures were prepared. This is because the ultimate goal of Distera is that the global disaster ‘Terra Fire’ will erupt after about 130 days, and the ultimate goal of Distera is to survive well enough to prepare an escape method before then. The interview said that the season was prepared in this way, so can I say that the long-term goals are well established?

▲ Just surviving somehow is not enough. Means of evacuation must also be in place before disaster strikes.

■ ‘Distera’, a rare experimental work in Korea, what are the future tasks to lead the experiment to success?

▲ A brazier that cooks by itself when you add fuel and meat.

In theory, Distera’s experiment was not a problem. However, unlike MMORPGs where the management can actively intervene or control, an open world crafting survival game is not a mass of variables. A PVE server would be better, but a PVP server was where Hobbes said that everyone’s struggle against everyone was right.

Actually, I had a really difficult time in the beginning as I was a bit late to digest the G-Star schedule. If you were forced to use a pistol to subdue your opponent, the dead people who came to hear the sound often ate the bullets themselves and robbed the materials they had gathered. Unfortunately, there was no information about high-tier armor until a certain point had passed, so unless you upgrade your skills, there was no big difference in defense, so it was fortunate that somehow a counterattack was possible.

▲ I’m angry that I ran out of bullets to catch the deer at night

▲ So from then on, I developed a habit of hitting with a blunt weapon. Save your bullets to live

However, after stabilization, it acted as a poison. If you’re a gamer, isn’t it your instinct to want to match higher-tier equipment? Even if you can’t pour nuclear charges into raising one stat like Lineage Like, the gamer’s mind is to invest as much time as possible. Why are you farming without a promise while running like that? It may be a different story, but I’m not a pro gamer, but there’s a reason I’m so interested in gaming equipment.

Crafting survival games are literally games that are meant to be manufactured rather than farmed, so it is natural to have a desire to dig up materials as soon as possible to create and match them. But what if that target is not well established? Kim tends to leak. Distera has an assortment quickly, but the process of adding plus alpha to it is quite slow. There are quite a few final techs if you look closely, but it’s hard to get your mind on it because it’s hard to see.

▲ You can see advanced tech trees such as skills, but sometimes you don’t care because you fight so much from the beginning.

To overcome this, cooperative content, capture of bases, and field bosses were introduced, but the process of approaching that point is not smooth. Of course, due to the nature of the survival game, it is a genre that requires a very long play time, and it is a genre that has the charm of being explored by users. But despite that, Distera was a game that made me want to get the upper hand somehow quickly because the frequency of sparring, fighting, and competing was quite high from the beginning. And because of his impatience, his breathing becomes faster, so should we say that the content level design is a bit laid-back?

Although it is different for each server, when playing on a North American server, there were many users who saw a beginner hunting nearby without even knowing how to do it, and then when he was reloading, he threw his head first. After being hit a few times, he was aiming for a deer with plenty of pistol bullets ready in the first place, then immediately changed his stance and fought again. Then I met a user whose aiming skill was ridiculously different and went to another area, but anyway, even though it was respawned in a relatively safe and vast outskirts area, there were quite a few instances where the movement line overlapped with other users. It’s a pity that 60 people simultaneously logged in and the server didn’t fill the pool.

The shooting action itself is quite decent, but since it is not an FPS that has been completely invested in that field, the preparation process for it has to go through a rather lengthy process. Although the process is short for a survival game, it is inevitably different from other FPS competitors with a farming element added. Wasn’t the original survival game a game played with a long breath? But to see that long breath, it felt like it wasn’t ready yet. In the interview, the content completion rate of the 2nd CBT was about 60%, and I felt that level of completion when I actually played.

▲ There is a taste of fighting powerful enemies from the outside to the inside, but the key is to induce play to that level.

Therefore, there was insufficient information to conclude that Distera is like this at this stage. First of all, you have to take into account that the play time is very long due to the nature of the genre, and you have to experience the authentic taste that comes out when you play it that long to fully evaluate it. However, since CBT is the place to verify whether you have the conditions to enjoy the taste willingly or how the first taste comes out, this one was bound to catch your eye a little more.

‘Distera’, which tried to completely mix the fun of survival and shooting while simplifying the elements of survival, was quite encouraging in that it lowered the first entry barrier. Anyway, I was able to make something from scratch and play with bread and bread. However, now it seems that it is a step that requires thinking about how to move users to the next step. Another thing to add is that the optimization needs some improvement. At this stage, if you install it on the HDD, it is almost impossible to play due to long loading or frame drops.

▲ Comparison after installing HDD/SSD due to initial frame drop. HDD is difficult to play at this stage

Having talked about collaboration and competition in a recent interview, Distera looks set to go in that direction in the future. In fact, in other games as well as survival games released in Korea, it was common to form a party or alliance as a group, develop it much faster by cooperating with each other, secure high-tier weapons quickly, and then engage in a fierce battle with other parties. In a situation where the process of accessing the fact that the content exists is quite sloppy, the future direction is looking forward to how it will fill this and build a survival and escape season on Earth for 140 days.