Everyone wants a Nintendo Switch for Black Friday!

The actual Black Friday is still to come, yes the first sales and other actions have been going on for several days or weeks. A trend quickly emerged: The Nintendo Switch is the most requested tech article to date.

Nintendo Switch is very popular on Black Friday

The corresponding statistics come from a current study by Trusted Reviews. As a basis for this, the search queries on an unspecified number of different websites in connection with Black Friday. In this list, the Nintendo Switch has 25,900 searches, which is enough for the jump to first place by a considerable margin.

Follow in second place Laptops with 21,100 searches. The direct competitor of the Nintendo Switch (buy now 355.90 €) are a bit beaten: The PS5 is in seventh place with 7,600 searches, while the Xbox Series X/S takes tenth place with a comparatively low 2,800 inquiries.

Buy Nintendo Switch on Amazon

If you are also looking for a Nintendo Switch, this is one of the ones you should consider Amazon’s online shop pay a visit. There is currently a large-scale one there too Black Friday Sale with some interesting offers instead. You can use the console itself as well as some games Bargain price tap. Here is an overview:

Those: Trusted Reviews

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