Explore Exo One, a game that explores exoplanets and space

We would like to look at the reaction of foreign webzines to Exo One, a sci-fi game that explores an exoplanet.

Looking at the reviews of this game, it seems that the soundtrack and scenery get a lot of praise, but the game itself seems boring.


EXO-One is a near-perfect sci-fi puzzle game, with movement, landscape beauty, and narrative idiosyncrasies that truly appreciate the artistic form of this game.

Exo One Review [PC] | A Surreal Adventure


It may sound confusing, but EXO-One is intense but comfortable.

Exploring the mysterious and deep universe, coupled with a perfectly laid out soundtrack, creates a sci-fi experience that fans of this genre must experience.

As far as I know it’s Exbleative’s first game, but it’s a really good game.

Looking forward to the future sci-fi bases and other projects of this studio.



Despite the fact that Exo one offered a faster-than-light space flight, the game is a gloomy, slow-paced journey through a beautifully embodied universe.

There are some issues related to bugs in the game and the slow tempo of the game is to my liking.

Still, the Exo one will be a necessary trip for those with a taste for it.

‘Exo One’ review: a melancholy trip through the lonely cosmos


This game is a journey into another world where there is not much to do.


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