Farming Simulator 22: Buy, plow, sow & harvest fields

The field work is at the heart of the Farming Simulator 22 and from the cultivation of the soil to the sowing to the harvest there are a lot of details to consider in order to achieve the best yields. In our guide to field work, we provide assistance on all important steps.

Buy land & field

Before you can start working in the field in LS 22, you first have to Buy land, because of course you can’t just till other farmers’ fields. You cannot cut down trees to create new fields, for example. The maps are predefined with their respective parcels.

To buy a parcel, go to the menu with the map overview. Switch to the “Country” screen here and you will get an overview of all fields that you can buy. Once you have decided on a country, you can start working in the fields.

Select crops & work / cultivate the soil

Before you can start working on the soil, you must first choose one of the 16 varieties of crops decide which you can grow in LS 22. These include wheat, barley, canola, millet, sunflower, soybeans, corn, oats, oil radish, potatoes, sugar beet, poplar, sugar cane, cotton, grapes, and olives.

Have you decided on a field crop, you can start cultivating the fieldto prepare the soil for sowing. You can use the following machines for this:

  • Pflug
  • Grubber
  • Disc harrow
  • Kreiselegge
  • Subsoiler
  • Spading machine

Using a disc harrow will give you less time to remove weeds as they will sprout up out of the ground more quickly. Also, be sure to lower the equipment into the ground when cultivating for it to work.

With a proper control panel, the control of the LS 22 is even better!

Logitech G Saitek Farm Sim Controller with control panel and controller, 25 programmable buttons, cruise control, screw thread adjustment, USB connection, PC / Mac / PS4

Logitech G Saitek Farm Sim Controller with control panel and controller, 25 programmable buttons, cruise control, screw thread adjustment, USB connection, PC / Mac / PS4

Buy seeds & sow the field

The next step is the actual sowing. You can use either a seed drill or a planter for this. You then have to fill the machines with the seeds from a pallet or silo beforehand. You can buy seed pallets from dealers, and you can place seed silos in construction mode.

Then lower the machine and switch it on and then drive down the field for sowing. If you are playing with the “Seasonal Growth” modifier, you should pay attention to the harvest calendar when sowing.

If you have enough money or you use the money cheat in LS 22 diligently, you can too Buy modern seed drills that can prepare the field and sow and fertilize at the same time in one step. Pay attention to the descriptions of the machines at the dealer.

Alternative Direct Seed: You can also sow fields without working the soil first. There are special ones for that No-till sowing machinesthat will save you time here. However, here the weeds grow faster compared to previous tillage.

Bring in, process & sell the harvest

Once your crops are ripe for harvest, you can use a harvesting machine with a header to harvest your fields. To do this, unfold the harvesting machine or cutting unit and drive over your fields.

As soon as your harvester is full, unload everything in a trailer for transport. Now you can directly your Sell ​​harvestby driving to one of the sales points on the map. You can also temporarily store your harvest in silos or bring it directly to another production facility for further processing.

If you’re harvesting wheat, oats, or barley, you can set up harvesting machines to leave swaths of straw behind. These can be formed into bales of straw with baling presses for further processing, or they can be picked up directly with a loading wagon. You can also sell the straw directly or use it as litter for the animals in LS 22. Straw is also used as a component for total mixes. This is the best feed for your cows.

Increase & improve yield

In addition to the basic steps described, you can also edit your fields in order to get an improved yield at the end. In addition, you should definitely remove weeds and plow your fields for certain root crops in order to avoid a harvest penalty. The percentage impact on the harvest is exactly as follows:

  • Fertilize your field twice (yield increase + 23% each)
  • Spread lime after every 3rd harvest (increase in yield + 15%)
  • Use mulcher on stubble (increase in yield + 5%)
  • Remove weeds (if not, yield penalty -20%)
  • Use the plow for root crops such as corn, potatoes, sugar beet and sugar cane (if not, yield penalty -15%)

More tips for field work in LS 22

  • For the Liming your fields you can buy lime and herbicide as pallets in the shop or from pre-placed silos. Alternatively, you can place silos yourself in construction mode.
  • There are various sources of supply for fertilizers. You can buy solid and liquid fertilizer in a tank or big bag from the dealer or load it directly from a silo. When silage is delivered to the biogas plant, digestate can be generated for fertilization. Alternatively, you can also use the by-products manure and manure from your animals.
  • To the Weed removal there are three methods.
    • Use harrow: Only remove small weeds and must therefore be used quickly after they have grown.
    • Use hoe: Removes small and medium-sized weeds.
    • Spraying with herbicides: Removes the largest weeds, but weeds can remain if you start spraying on fully grown weeds.
  • Of the Use of rollers can help you to increase the yield. Meadow rollers, for example, press small stones into the ground. Farm rollers even remove them, increasing the yield by 5%.
  • By cultivating and plowing your fields, stones can be dug up. If you drive over them with machines and devices, damage can be caused. So use rollers or even better collect them with stone collectors and then sell them to the rock breaker for profit!

You can find more detailed tips on soil cultivation in the following video from the YT Canal Cornhub look at:

Do you still have questions about tillage and field work in Farming Simulator 22 or do you have a few good tips for the community? Then feel free to share them with us in the comments!

How well do you know the farming simulator?

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