Funding 95.5 billion won for ‘Ultraleaf’, a hand-tracking research company

It was revealed that ‘Ultraleap’, a company that is focusing on ‘hand tracking’ among various tracking technologies, has raised funds amounting to 60 million pounds (about 95.5 billion won).

Here, hand tracking refers to a technology that can replace manipulation in a virtual space with only hand and finger movements without a controller. Ultraleaf unveiled its fifth-generation software ‘Gemini’ in October. With Gemini, prediction precision has been greatly improved, and accurate tracking is now possible even in scenes where one hand is overlapping the other.

Ultraleaf plans to focus on R&D and expansion of hand tracking technology with the funds. We will expand development and investment in tools so that Gemini can be compatible with various operating systems, and developers can build more apps using hand tracking technology. In addition, we plan to continue investing in research and development to further evolve hand tracking using machine learning.

Ultraleaf CEO Tom Carter said, “The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has made it more important to enhance the physical world with digital elements, and interest in the term metaverse has increased. We will accelerate the conversion of ‘Tracking’ to the main interface.”