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– Genie B, Compuzon exclusive Black Friday sale until November 30

– 10% discount on laptop stand and monitor stand

GENIBEE, a brand specializing in smart peripherals, is holding a special event until November 30th to celebrate Black Friday.

At this event held exclusively by Computeon, you can purchase Genie B’s popular products at a discount of about 10%.

The main discount item is the first GLS1-PRO cooler laptop stand. It is a high-performance 3-stage cooler operating up to 1650RPM, and supports free height and angle adjustment. It features a design that goes well with the MacBook, an excellent finish, and a solid durability.

The GNS1 portable laptop holder is also included in the discount. It is a product that has a maximum width that can be unfolded up to 27cm. It holds a laptop more stably than a laptop holder on the market, which is only 15 to 17cm wide. If you use the recently released GNS1-HUB extension parts from Genie B together, you can use various hubs and even 4K 60Hz output HDMI terminals.

Two types of smart 3.0 monitor pedestals such as GMS1-HUB and GMS2-HUB are also eligible for discount. It is the best-selling model of Genie B, which has gained popularity due to its high-strength tempered glass design. It has a USB 3.0 hub and a Qualcomm QC 3.0 and PD 18W charging hub to enhance usability.

In addition, if it is connected to a PC with a separate data cable, data transmission other than charging and connection of various peripherals such as mouse and keyboard are possible with one hub of the monitor stand, and it is stable to use independent power source.

Genie B will hold a purchase review event in addition to the special computer special event. After purchasing the product at Compuzon, 10 people will receive a Genie B GTS1 tablet holder by lot when writing a review.

Detailed information about the Genie B Compuzon Black Fry event can be found on the Compuzon product information and event planning page.

Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]