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Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, ’21 Metropolitan Area Local Festa’ Live Commerce Special Exhibition held on Wednesday, 24th | Ruri Web

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– At 15:00 on the 24th, it will be broadcast through Naver Shopping Live… Save up to 58%

– Products of excellent local companies in the metropolitan area in ’20 and ’21 in one place… Completion of product and marketability verification

– Various attractions such as hidden tips and surprise events for the products of 8 selected companies will be provided.

The Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Chairman Hyunsam Shin, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Gyeonggi Innovation Center’) announced on the 23rd that it will hold the ‘2021 Metropolitan Area Local Festa Live Commerce Special Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Metropolitan Local Festa Special Exhibition’) for two days from the 24th.

This ‘Seoul Metropolitan Area Local Festa Special Exhibition’ was designed to support the successful online market entry and expansion of sales channels of local companies in the metropolitan area, which are suffering from the Corona 19.

Eight companies that showed excellent product quality and marketability among local creator companies in the metropolitan area in 2020 and 2021 were selected as participating companies. These companies will have the opportunity to sell and promote their products through the Naver Live Shopping platform.

Company names and products are as follows. △Charvettier – 5 types of charcuterie package △Agricultural corporation Komnyang Co., Ltd. – raw catnip, catnip package △Gwangjin Enterprise Co., Ltd. – Versatile (grain shake) △Ogo Farm Co., Ltd. – Omijacheong △Meatband Co., Ltd. – Assorted Korean beef soup street, Dondon Chadol △Delis Co., Ltd. – 5 kinds of instant broth △ Dovetail 24 (Magye Meat) – Saengpo ribs, beef ribs △ Geumpoong Brewing Co., Ltd. – Ganghwa traditional makgeolli.

The live broadcast will be held for a total of 8 times, starting with the ‘Korean-style Shaqu Terry 5-Pack Package’ at 3 pm on Wednesday, the 24th. will be provided

The 2021 Metropolitan Area Local Festa and live commerce related schedules and details can be found on the 2021 Metropolitan Area Local Festa website ( can be checked.

An official from the Gyeonggi Innovation Center said, “I hope that this live commerce exhibition will be helpful in developing markets for local creators in the metropolitan area. said.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]

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