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Hawkeye: Start time known for the Marvel series on Disney Plus

Marvel and Disney are a perfectly coordinated team and don’t let anything go wrong. We’re getting more Marvel content than ever.

the Disney+-Serie Loki celebrated their last episode just four months ago and so did the Marvel movie Eternals hasn’t even been on the big screen for a whole month. Meanwhile, the next big blockbuster title is already there Spider-Man: No Way Home to see on the horizon and many are still puzzling whether now Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as other Spider-Men will be in the film.

Nevertheless, it will be almost a month before we can see the friendly spider from the neighborhood in the cinema. To bridge the waiting time, the Marvel series Hawkeye on Disney + released.

When is Marvel’s Hawkeye coming to Disney +?

the Marvel Studios-Serie Hawkeye will be on 24. November 2021 released. Officially, no release time has been given, but it can be assumed that the series will be released at the same time as the previous titles. So Hawkeye should be on Publication day at 9 a.m. celebrate its premiere in Germany.

The series will be total this season six episodes include. the first two episodes will be on November 24, 2021 Approved. After that one episode every Wednesday until the last episode on December 22, 2021.

To see Hawkeye, you must have one Disney + membership to have.

What is the Hawkeye series about?

The series takes place two years after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Clint Barton alias Hawkeye is on the run and is teaming up with another female archer, Kate Bishop. Kate is trained in the Marvel Comics in part by Clint Barton and plays a fairly prominent role in the series.

Next to Jeremy Rennerwho in his role as Clint Barton returns, so will we Clints Ehefrau Laura Barton, played by Linda Cardellini, see you again. In addition, the one from the Black Widow-Film acquaintance Florence Pugh in her role as Yelena belova in the series with. Hailee Steinfeld plays as Kate Bishop making her Marvel debut.

Are you curious how the Hawkeye series will play out?

Marvel’s Hawkeye on Disney +: The first trailer shows Kate Bishop in action

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