How can I bypass Office activation?

Can I also bypass Office activation? We’ll show you all the legal options and explain why activation can make sense and how you can manage without Microsoft Office activation in the long term.

Bypass Office activation

You can also use Microsoft Office in two versions without activation use it for free:

  1. Invite you to do this trial version from Microsoft Office and use it for the specified period. This is usually limited to 30 or 60 days.
  2. If you want to use Office longer, but cannot or do not want to activate it, there is a free option: Use the Online-Version from Microsoft Office. The apps offered include Word, Excel and PowerPoint. All you need is a Microsoft account and an internet connection.

Why activate Office anyway?

The functions of the trial version of Microsoft Office will be restricted after the trial period has expired. The online version only offers basic functions. This means that if you want to use the full range of functions, you cannot avoid activation.

Either you take out a subscription for “Office 365”, which you pay monthly and continuously, or you buy a one-time license for, for example, “Office 2019”. This can then also be used permanently. For private users, we recommend buying a one-time license so that you don’t have to pay again every month. For companies, however, the “Office 365” subscription can be worthwhile. Here you can buy both versions of Microsoft Office.

Pay attention to product reviews. Fraudsters who send in an invalid activation key are often hiding behind cheap offers. If you then want to complain about the software, you can no longer reach the seller.

If you already have an Office key, you can read it out or change it.

Free alternative to “Office 2019” and “Office 365”

Most of the functions of Microsoft Office also come with free Office variants. You don’t need to activate anything here. We recommend the open source software LibreOffice. Both open source file extensions (ODT, ODF, …) and official Microsoft Office file extensions (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, …) are supported. This means that the documents created are compatible between the different Office variants.

“LibreOffice Writer” with “Register User Interface”.  Image: GIGA
“LibreOffice Writer” with “Register User Interface”. Image: GIGA

You can in “LibreOffice Writer” under the menu “opinion“ > „user interface” the point “In registers“Activate” to get a kind of ribbon menu similar to “Microsoft Word”.