How do you create an animated GIF yourself?

GIF animations have become an indispensable part of the internet. No matter whether on Facebook, Twitter or in private chats on WhatsApp and Co., you can find funny moving images everywhere. But how can you create your own animated GIFs?

You don’t need a deep knowledge of video or image editing to assemble your own funny mini videos. Instead, you just need a creative idea and suitable images as a template. A corresponding app then does all of the work for you.

Create your own GIF via app (Android & iOS)

You can create your own GIFs particularly quickly and easily with the “Giphy” app. The application is there free for Android and iOS (iPhone). How to assemble your animation:

GIPHY: GIF & Sticker Keyboard & Maker

Entwickler: Giphy, Inc.

GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine

GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine

Entwickler: Giphy, Inc.

  1. Install Giphy on your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  2. Open the app and tap the in the top right corner „Create“-Button.
  3. The app needs to create GIFs from new recordings Access to the smartphone camera.
  4. Now record a video from which the GIF is to be created. Alternatively, you tap on that Thumbnail bottom leftto convert an existing video to a GIF file.
  5. On the next page select the tab “Videos“In the file selection.
  6. You can edit your GIF afterwards and insert additional stickers, fonts and effects, for example.
  7. Then press the arrow. After a short processing, you will see your result.
  8. At the bottom left you tap on “Save GIF“To save the file on the Android device or iPhone.
  9. You can now send the result to friends via an app such as Snapchat or Facebook Messenger or press “Save GIF” again to start the animation first of all only to be backed up locally.
  10. You will then find the GIF you created yourself in your photo gallery in the “Giphy” folder. From there you can share the mini video with your friends using other apps and insert it into WhatsApp, for example.


iPhone: Create an animated GIF from photos

Many apps on smartphones offer an additional GIF function. With the “Photos” app on the iPhone, for example, you can use the “Live Photos” feature to create small, moving animations. Select the “endless loop” effect to get an animation that repeats itself over and over again, or the “ricochet”, in which the image content runs back and forth similar to the “Instagram Boomerang”.

You can also put together GIFs from a photo series on iOS. Make sure that the serial recording for new photos is activated on the iPhone. You need an additional shortcut that you have to set up in advance. Once executed, the sequence from the photo series is saved in a new GIF.

Create GIF in WhatsApp

WhatsApp also offers an integrated option to convert videos into a GIF:

  1. First open a chat in the popular Messenger.
  2. Pushes in the Android app on the camera icon or as an iOS user on the Plus sign.
  3. Searches a video from the cell phone memory.
  4. Above you can Adjust image section. Note that the GIF can be a maximum of six seconds long.
  5. At the top right you can see below the timeline a camera and GIF icon. Set the controller to “GIF” so that the result is not sent as a video but in the desired format. If you don’t see the GIF button, you have to shorten your video excerpt.
  6. You can also add stickers, text and effects to your animation here.
  7. Finally, you can write a chat text below. With the arrow symbol you send the GIF in WhatsApp.

Note that the GIF animation created in WhatsApp is not saved on your smartphone. If you want to use it again in the future, you can either forward the animation from the original chat or share it via another app by pressing and holding the entry in the chat history. Alternatively, you can have the GIF sent to you to save it.

Create GIF in the browser without app & on the PC

Even if you don’t want to install an app at all or want to create a GIF on your PC, there are various free options. The web versions are particularly easy to use, for example these:

Simply open a corresponding page to create your own GIF, upload your video using the button provided and convert it via the web app. PC users can also download the free tool “AniMake”:

  1. Starts a new project in AniMake.
  2. Adds the individual images “From file” a
  3. Marks all single images and processes the selection.
  4. Adjusts the dwell time until the speed of the GIF appears normal.
  5. Save the project as a GIF and you’re done.

AniMake creates animated GIFs from video snippets or entire videos and can output the results in different sizes and color depths. Therefore just cut the video beforehand cut it to the desired length, insert it into a new AniMake project and save it as a GIF.

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