Saturday, November 27

Hyun Moon-soo PD’s new work ‘Outerplane’ released in-game video

Smilegate Megaport (CEO Jang In-ah) announced on the 23rd (Tuesday) that it has released the first in-game video of ‘Outerplane’, a new world fantasy subculture mobile RPG developed by VGames (CEO Son Beom-seok) and serviced by the company.

‘Outerplane’ is a turn-based RPG mobile game in the subculture genre set in a different world fantasy world. Characters implemented with 3D cartoon rendering, turn-based strategic battles, and spectacular action productions are features. In addition, it adds attractive anime-style characters and story charm that subculture users will like.

In the in-game video that was released for the first time this time, you can see the characters moving in the game and splendid directing, which were only released in the original setting. Characters are realized with 3D high-quality cartoon rendering, which stands out more vivid emotional expression and movement. In addition, anticipation for strategic battles is increased by the appearance of the boss’s rampage.

VL Games CEO Son Beom-seok said, “I am very happy to be able to present the first in-game video of Outerplane, which I have been working hard for, to users.” Through this, we will present a game that both subculture fans and general game users can feel fresh.”

Outerplane, which is under development with the goal of releasing next year, plans to provide more diverse attractions such as character introduction videos and actual battle screens, starting with the release of the first in-game video. Various news such as the character introduction and development status of Outerplane will be released gradually through the official VLGAME YouTube channel and Facebook channel in the future.

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