Tuesday, November 30

Lord of Heroes adds a new raid ‘Strait of Silence’

Data provided – Clover Games

Clover Games’ mobile RPG ‘Lord of Heroes’ will update the new real-time cooperative raid content ‘Strait of Silence’ on the 23rd.

This content is a real-time cooperative raid in which all servers are integrated, and it is a story of purifying the contaminated divine water in the deep sea, a forbidden area of ​​Sardina. As all servers are integrated updates, users from other countries can also enjoy matching games.

In the raid, a total of 5 heroes will be organized, and 2 other users and 3 people including the user will participate in the raid (hereinafter referred to as the battle) in real time. During battle, users are given the ‘Road Skill’ function. This is the first combat skill introduced by the user character ‘Lord’, and it is a skill that gives buffs to their heroes participating in the raid. In addition, emoticons and simple messages can be used for communication between users during battle.

After the battle is over, you can view the records of past battles through the ‘Shipboard Log’. Through the ‘Detailed Report’ in the function, you can check the hero information of other users who participated in the battle and plan more strategic battles in the future. In addition, in the ‘Marine Trading Post’ shop, which has been newly added to the Strait of Silence, you can purchase goods with the goods obtained in battle, and you can also meet the newly introduced item ‘Crystal of the Backside’.

A Clover Games official said, “This update is an integrated global server update, and it is meaningful because it is content that users from all over the world, such as Korea, the United States, and Japan, can meet in one place.” I hope you can enjoy cooperative content.”

Meanwhile, more information about the Strait of Silence update can be found on the Lord of Heroes official community.


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