Saturday, November 27

Pokémon Shining Diamond & Shining Pearl: New duplication glitch discovered

The new Pokémon remakes Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl have only been available for a few days, but players have already discovered a rather serious glitch, through which you can clone any Pokémon of your choice, including any items they are currently wearing.

Duplicating Pokémon made easy

The Twitter user Kevinfor5 shared the glitch a few hours ago, and meanwhile a few other community members have created tutorial videos for this one. The glitch is pretty easy to do, that’s how the YouTuber’s explanation lasts Orcastraw, for example, only takes a minute.

For the glitch you have to have two Pokémon in the same position in different boxes on the PC. For example in box 1 and box 2, each in the last position. Then you register one of the two Pokémon in your battle box. You give the other Pokémon to the boarding house in Trostu, but before you actually hand it over, you swap the positions of the two boxes in the box list in which your Pokémon are.

If that is done, you open your fight box again and register another Pokémon. However, this is deleted by this process, so you should use one for which you have no real use. Then you add the Pokémon that you want to duplicate. Then just briefly open the information screen of the Pokémon, close it again, and you have successfully cloned your Pokémon.

With this glitch you can Duplicate legendary Pokémon like Dialga and also rare items like a master ball. These types of glitches are not uncommon in the Pokémon franchise, and it is likely that the glitch will be fixed in an upcoming patch for the game. Kevinfor5 recently continued to claim he had a found a new, faster cloning glitch. So the developers have a lot to do.

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