Skyrim Anniversary: ​​Patch brings hardly any innovations, but a lot of trouble

The dragon in the pan is going crazy! No sooner have owners of the Skyrim Special Edition made their beloved mods functional again than a new patch for the anniversary version appears and shoots everything to pieces again. If you then read through the measly patch notes as a victim, you would like to devastate your desk with a dragon cry.

We’ll explain briefly what the new patch changes – it doesn’t take long anyway. After that, and that should be much more important for most of you, we explain to you, how to get your mods working again now and in the future.

You can find out what the greybeards of our editorial team have to say about the Anniversary Edition in our test:

Skyrim Anniversary: ​​The RPG legend didn't deserve this



Skyrim Anniversary: ​​The RPG legend didn’t deserve this

That brings the patch for the Anniversary Edition

Anyone who has already taken time off and would like to read through the detailed patch notes with a tankard of mead should look into the tube. Because the complete list with all changes reads as follows:

  • Fixed a problem preventing some doors in Rielle from opening properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Russian and Polish notes were not displaying text properly.
  • Fixed an issue where German and French players were given incorrect menu text when leveling up.
  • Fixed an issue where players were experiencing a “black screen” and upon launching.

Summarized: Doors now open as intended and texts are displayed in the correct language.

The most important change and the reason for all the evil can be found in the last line: A bug has been fixed that confronts players with a black screen when loading their savegames. Isn’t it nice?

Unfortunately, this entry in plain text means that once again in the background the way mods work has been tweaked. In the worst case, this means that your additional content will quit the service, as happened at the launch of the Anniversary Edition.

This is how you can get your mods working again

I don’t even have the Anniversary Edition, why am I having problems? Many Dovahkiins ask themselves this question when they sit resignedly in front of their launcher and look at the list of defective mods. Since the anniversary upgrade is only one Essay for the well-known Special Edition, all patches will also be applied to the 2016 edition of the role-playing epic – and that causes the mod annoyance.

Shortly after the launch of the Anniversary Edition, we explained to you in a guide how you can not only get the mods you have put together over years of detailed work to work again, but also protect them against future patches:

Broken mods in Skyrim - these tips will help you


Emergency help for your mods

Broken mods in Skyrim – these tips will help you

The short version of this article: Installs the current edition of the Skyrim Script Extenders and very important, disables automatic updates from Skyrim in Steam. We explain where and how you do this in the guide.

It is to be hoped that future patches will prevent new mod problems from arising. Nevertheless, we encourage you to follow our tips to save yourself this hassle in the future and to spend your free time in Skyrim.

Are you also affected by defective mods and if so, did our tips help you? Are there any popular mods that don’t work with the latest SKSE yet? Let us know in the comments!