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SSDs at the lowest price on Black Friday – are the offers really that good?

Who does not know that? Black Friday is getting closer and closer, but the offers flood the screen weeks before that. We like to concentrate on the big things: a new screen or television maybe, a faster notebook or a high-quality tablet.

The many small offers very quickly take a back seat. And that although they often make more sense than a large new acquisition. Experience has shown that SSDs are such a product. Although Windows and a few games have run out of space, it’s all too easy to overlook the upgrade. In the linked article, we clarify where exactly the difference, as well as advantages and disadvantages, lie to HHD:

What are the differences?



What are the differences?

In this article, we therefore do not look at the differences, but at the current prices of the fast memories. How good are the Black Friday deals really?

You get a lot of SSDs at new low prices

Using the example of the 2.0 Tbyte Samsung 980 Pro shows how good some of the offers can be: The fast NVMe SSD (PCIe 4.0, 7,000 MB / s read and 5,100 MB / write) currently costs 270 euros at Amazon, and only 254 euros from online retailer Coolblue.

This means that the 980 Pro is actually cheaper than ever before, because the fast SSD has not yet been available from any retailer for less than 300 euros (or more precisely, under 299 euros), like a look at the price comparison portal occupied – on average it was recently more than 320 euros:

The same applies to the 2.0 TB NVMe SSD Crucial P2 (PCIe 3.0, 2,400 MB / s read and 1,900 MB / s write), which is currently available from several retailers for 140 euros. Most recently, around 160 euros were called for this.

Everything about the best deals in Cyberweek

We accompany Black Friday and Cyberweek not only with editorial assessments of certain products and discounts, as here in the case of the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog, but also with our deal team, which always presents you with new offers in our large overview.

Whether an article is editorial content or a pure deal offer, you can see both the author »GameStar Deals« and the marking »[Anzeige]«At the end of the heading. The deal department still has no influence on our editorial reporting. You can find more information on the topic in our FAQ on shop links and affiliate.

Warning: the new low price is not always much cheaper

The Samsung 980 NVMe SSD with 1.0 TB Capacity (PCIe 3.0, 3,500 MB / s read and 3,000 MB / s write) is currently available on Amazon for 79 euros. In September of this year it was already available for around 85 euros. Despite the new low, the price difference is just six euros. So this is a very nice, but not a real top offer.

Crucial’s popular SATA SSD MX500 with 2.0 TByte (560 MB / s read and 510 MB / s write) is currently being offered by several retailers for 160 euros (at Amazon even for around 156 euros). The price for the MX500 was recently between 170 and 180 euros.

As part of our research, we also examined other SSDs. And a similar picture emerges: the prices are often at a new low, even if it is not always 20 or more percent discount. So if you need more fast memory for games, our research suggests that now is literally a good time to strike. But if you can or want to wait, you don’t have to worry about excessive additional costs in the future.

Price development for the SSDs.
Price development for the SSDs.

Will SSDs get cheaper?

It is currently difficult to predict whether SSDs will become even cheaper in the near future. Prices have generally been falling for a long time, at the same time market analysts predicted the end of the price fall a year ago – it has not yet happened.

In the following article, you can find out how you generally best behave in the Black Friday weeks to save money and spare your nerves:

6 simple tips for saving


Black Friday

6 simple tips for saving

What do you think about the pricing of the SSDs? Are the new low prices enough for you to strike or do you wait a little longer until the price has fallen further? Which offers are you still hoping for and where have you already bought? Write us your detailed opinion in the comments. We look forward to your answers.

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