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Stranger Things season 4: part of the story gets less scary

There wasn’t an exact date yet, but fans can now contact one for that Release period cling: In the summer of 2022, Stranger Things should finally continue when they fourth season The series appears and viewers around the world return to the universe around Eleven, Will, Max, Mike, Lukas und Dustin kidnapped.

So that the dry spell does not drag on too much, especially in the Netflix-influenced, because uncomfortable winter months, the actors of the series already have a few Appetizers for fans ready. Also Noah Schnapp, who starred in the series Will Byers slips, does not leave viewers on dry land.

Stranger Things: The Final Trailer for Season 4 “Welcome to California”

Stranger Things Season 4: Horror with a pinch of humor

Like him exclusively to the magazine Showbiz CheatSheet reveals, the fourth season of Stranger Things will mix Mistery with horror again. The part of the story in which he plays is supposed to less scary will: “It’s definitely heading back towards horror, like the show always does, but there will be a few playful moments too. I’m part of the less scary story this season and that was a lot of fun. I’ve never laughed so much and had fun like this season. “

That Schnapp aka Will Byers found out about the variety happy, fans should understand well. His character in particular had to go through a lot in the past few seasons: First the Demorgon kidnapped him into the Schattenwelt, then painful and gloomy visions plague him. A few laughs are sure to be one refreshing experience.

As his fellow actors suggested, the fourth season will be but otherwise scary as usual. If you want to believe Finn Wolfhard, the actor behind Mike Wheeler, the new season should even the scariest ever will: “We say it every year, this season is creepier, this season is creepier. […] This season is really crazy and will freak a lot of people out “he told the Matt Wilkinson Show (via Winter is Coming).

Those: Showbiz CheatSheet

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