Saturday, November 27

Stylish basketball ‘Freestyle 2: Revolution’ officially released

Data provided – Changyu

Changyu (branch manager Hyeyeon Choi) announced on the 23rd that its mobile basketball game ‘Freestyle 2: Revolution’ will start its official service from today.

‘Freestyle 2: Revolution’ is a hip-hop style 3-on-3 basketball game that utilizes ‘Freestyle 2’ IP and returns with exhilarating taste and strongest graphics. The feature is that users can feel the thrill of real-time battles, where instantaneous judgment and control determine victory or defeat, through various contents.

In addition, ‘Freestyle 2: Revolution’ has a mobile-optimized feel of operation, 3D-upgraded graphics, and basketball court custom and character costume elements that can appeal to users’ individuality.

In particular, during the pre-registration period, the number of pre-registrations of 1 million was achieved through various promotions such as SNS challenge, ‘New Nevaruz’ online cypher competition with singer comment, and news of Kuroko’s basketball collaboration.

To commemorate this, ‘Freestyle 2: Revolution’, which will start official service from today, provides ‘PF Louis’ on the 2nd day of game access, and ‘SG Seongmin’ by completing the target quest on the 7th. In addition, ‘EN hip-hop’ and ‘court assistant’ fashion items are presented as gifts through participation in ranked matches or through victory-limited quests. Players can acquire ‘PF Chanwoo’, ‘SG Daewoong’, and ‘Angel’s Wings’ appearance ceremony with player roulette, and various in-game events such as lucky draws and player training gifts are provided with opportunities to receive various items. An event to commemorate the launch is also held at the official cafe. Users can be rewarded with in-game items by participating in ‘Best Strategy King’, ‘Team Level Achievement’, ‘Club Ranking Top 10’, and ‘Weekly Quiz’.

Park Hye-jeong, Marketing Director Changyu, said, “The official service of Freestyle 2 Revolution, which many people have been waiting for, has finally started today.” As much attention has been paid to it, we ask for a lot of interest in what we will do after the release.”

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