Super Mario Film: Producer defends Chris Pratt as Mario

Nobody really expected actors Chris Pratt in the upcoming movie too Super Mario will take over the voice of the popular Nintendo mascot. The fans were also surprised by the decision and, in places, disappointed with the cast of their favorite plumber.

Chris Pratt does a “phenomenal job” as Super Mario

Even if there is criticism in some places, we will Illumination and Nintendo Of course, nothing to change the cast of the film. Producer Chris Meledandri last commented on the subject in an interview and described Chris Pratt’s performance as Super Mario as phenomenal. In addition, he can’t wait for fans to hear the voice for the first time.

No fake Italian accent for Super Mario

In the US version of Super Mario, Chris Pratt won’t speak any Italian-influenced English. There should be an allusion from time to time – but at the core there will be no accent. Presumably it will also be the same in the German dubbing.

Producer Chris Meledandri also addressed fan concerns that an Italian would not be selected to play Mario. Accordingly, he can understand the comments – but would like, for example, on Luigi actors Charlie Day point out that has Italian roots.

What other actors can be heard in Super Mario?

In addition to the aforementioned Mario brothers, spoken by Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, Nintendo fans can look forward to many more characters from the Mario universe. We have prepared a list of the actors for you below.

  • Princess Peach – Anya Taylor-Joy
  • Bowser – Jack Black
  • Donkey Kong – Seth Rogen (solo film allegedly already in production)
  • Toad – Keegan-Michael Key
  • Kamek – Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Cranky Kong – Fred Armisen
  • Spike – Sebastian Maniscalco

Numerous characters are voiced by Charles Martinet in the video games. He is also said to have a cameo in the Super Mario film. The film launch is currently planned for December 21, 2022.

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