Tuesday, November 30

Super People to conduct technical tests before CBT from the 27th

Wonder People (CEO Jeil Ryu), a game developer, announced on the 23rd that it will conduct a technical test of the shooting game it is developing from the 27th to the 29th.

Founder of Neople and being developed by Wonder People, founded by CEO Min Heo, the father of Neople, is the first PC-based battle royale shooting game introduced by Wonder People.

Wonder People, which has confirmed the global closed test (CBT) date of December 7, plans to verify stability and compatibility through this last test before the start of CBT.

This technical test will be conducted for selected people and ambassadors from among global CBT applicants until this Wednesday, and the winner will be announced on the 26th on Wonder People’s own platform, GeeGee page.

Meanwhile, Wonder People also released a ‘Development Team Video’ containing the stories of the developers preparing for CBT along with the announcement of the technical test. In the video, CEO Min Heo, who is the head of Wonder People, appeared directly with major developers including Director Park Seong-gon as the general PD of , and explained key game elements such as strategic play and character growth.

is a battle royale game in which you have to survive until the end by playing one of 12 types of Super Soldiers with various characteristics and specialized skills. By combining the ultimate and material items that can be obtained by growing Super Soldiers, as well as firearms and equipment, it adopts a system that produces high-grade items, so you can enjoy a new play experience that is different from existing battle royale games.

Users who want to participate in the global CBT can apply through Wonder People’s own platform, GeeGee, and Super People’s Steam page.

Wonder People Director Park Seong-gon said, “By reflecting the feedback from the alpha test, we decided to conduct a technical test first so that we can provide more improved game quality in CBT.” All the developers of Wonder People are working hard so that you can enjoy it properly, so we ask for your interest and participation in CBT.”

Details of the CBT and technical tests can be found on the official website, and clients can pre-download from the 26th.


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