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Tesla punished: Consumers pass a damning verdict

Whether on the way to work, when going on vacation or in everyday back and forth – many people depend on their car and that it works reliably. This is exactly where the electric car pioneer Tesla fails. German brands cannot rest on their laurels either.

Nowadays there is a lot that a car has to be able to do. Just driving is no longer enough. Various assistance systems, navigation, additional functions, ideally a comprehensive multimedia experience on board, that is what many car buyers want. But old values ​​are not a thing of the past. Still way ahead: the reliability, after all, the car has to work.

Tesla fails: penultimate place for reliability

In the test by the US consumer organization Consumer Reports, however, the e-cars from California fail in this category by crashing. Lands from 28 brands Tesla in penultimate place this year with 25 out of 100 points awarded (source: Consumer Reports). The list of the most reliable car brands in the USA is led by Lexus (76 points), followed by Mazda (75) and Toyota (71). As the best-placed German brand, Mini made it to 10th place (60).

For the evaluation, Consumer Reports relies on consumer surveys among the members, according to the name. Only brands with sufficient data for at least two models are assessed. What is striking this year: Tesla’s poor result is part of a trend, because e-cars generally do worse. The Californians are the only all-electric brand in the ranking.

E-cars are more prone to failure, but the drive is not to blame

The reason for the poor performance, especially of e-SUVs – the most unreliable vehicle class across different brands – is not, however, the electric drive. Instead, Consumer Reports attributes the poor performance to other electronics. E-cars especially from the premium segment are like that full of additional components and the latest extra systems, that the susceptibility to errors increases.

Errors about electric cars that everyone should know before switching can be found in Video:

Tesla isn’t the only big name in the back seat, though. Surprisingly, Lincoln, known for the state cars of the US President, ranks 28th out of 28. Even German manufacturers don’t necessarily cover themselves with fame: Mercedes only manages 23rd place, one position ahead of VW on 24th, Audi and BMW are in the middle. On average, Asian brands are considered the most reliable choice when buying a new car.

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