The Last of Us: New leak of the series shows fight with Joel

Filming for the new HBO series The Last of Us is still in full swing. In the recent past, a few photos and even short videos from the set appeared again and again, which gave a first foretaste. There is now one another interesting leak.

Kampf in The Last of Us

It’s about a short video the Twitter user “1O1Charm”, which was published on the channel “The Last of Us Updates”. It’s just 25 seconds long, but that doesn’t make it any less worth seeing. The video shows a fight between Pedro Pascal (or his stunt double) in the role of Joel against an unrecognizable opponent.

Joel first presses his opponent head-on against a tree before a violent scuffle begins. After a few fists have flown, Joel takes the opponent in a stranglehold and lets his lifeless body sink to the ground a little later. So the opponent is either passed out or even dead.

What other characters does the video show?

The quality of the scenes is not particularly good. But apparently it is Ellie (played by Bella Ramsey) in front of a kind of car trailer and watches the fight intently. In addition, her hands are probably tied behind her back, which significantly restricts her freedom of action.

After Joel lets go of his opponent, Ellie goes straight to a man who is not exactly recognizable. It could possibly be a tommy act, brother Joels.

When does the series for The Last of Us start?

So far, HBO has not announced a specific start date for the series. According to current information, however, it should start in the course of 2022. In Germany it should The Last of Us (buy now 31,58 €) then probably on the pay TV broadcaster Sky be seen, who has had a partnership with HBO for several years.

Those: Twitter

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