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‘Two of you!’ for Nintendo Switch! Pre-order from the 25th of ‘The Great War of Nyanko’

Source – Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea (CEO Gerald Noonan) is releasing the ‘Two of us! It has been announced that pre-order sales of the package version of the ‘Nyanko Great War’ (Korean version) will start on Thursday, November 25.

For Nintendo Switch ‘Two of you! Nyanko Great War’ (Korean version) supports cooperative and battle play with two people. With an easy and simple battle system, people of all ages can enjoy it, and you can experience a massive stage with more than 350 Jingle Cute Nyangko.

■ From November 25 (Thursday)! Start pre-ordering the package version

From November 25th (Thursday), ‘Two of us!’ for Nintendo Switch! The pre-order sale of the package version of ‘The Great War of Nyanko’ (Korean version) begins. Various limited privileges are provided in the package version, and special illustrations limited to Korea are included on the back cover of the package version.

[Package-limited benefits]

① Release Commemorative Character Set!!
・Cat hammer
・Cat Brothers

② Daejeon ★ Cheer Pack!!
· Groudon Troops
・10,000 canned cat food

③ Asia limited character set!!
· Taekwondo Nyangko
・Little Cat Valkyrie
· Dark Little Cat Valkyrie
・ Soryongpo Nyangko
· Frenzy Small Dragon Pony Nyangko

■ Four mini-games of ‘Nyanko Nyangko Chance’

As you progress through the stages, a rare entrance to the ‘Nyanko Nyangko Chance’ will appear. Each time you clear it, you can get a reward according to your score. Let’s have fun with a change of mood in the middle of battle! Of course, you can play with two people! There are 4 types of mini games in total. Which game comes out depends on luck!

① Puppy Hammer

A game where you aim for a high score by hitting more enemy characters coming out of the hole. The thunder cannon that 2P can control can paralyze enemy characters for a certain period of time! Double the score by beating the enemy character hit by the thunder cannon!

②Nyanko Cannon mini game

A game that aims to achieve a high score by defeating more enemy characters with cannons. Be careful as the time limit is reduced when the player’s fortress is attacked!

③ Great Battle for Catching Nyanko

A game that aims for a high score by catching more little cats falling from above. If you touch an iron dumbbell, you cannot move for a certain period of time, so avoid it!

④ Nyanko running

A game in which you control a running cat to avoid obstacles and collect more medals to achieve a high score. If you bump into an obstacle or an enemy character, you will be tied up for a certain period of time, so be careful!

For Nintendo Switch ‘Two of you! Pre-order sales of the package version of ‘Nyanko Great War’ (Korean version) will start on November 25, and will be officially released on December 9, 2021.

More detailed information about the game can be found on the official website of Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea and the official blog.

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