Tuesday, November 30

Whether 4K TV, coffee maker or PS5: Electronics will be in short supply this Christmas

Retailers in many industries are worried about scarce supplies, and with them customers too. Electrical items are hit particularly hard, with more than half of retailers fearing a drop in sales due to a shortage of goods.

Anyone who wants to buy a new TV or speculates on a next-gen console has to be patient. Some of this has been known for months. But the industry also fears beyond entertainment electronics that it will not be able to cope with the pre-Christmas rush. No wonder that the chip crisis in particular and the general shortage of goods hit twice.

From TVs to food processors: half of retailers fear losses

So fear 53 percent of all electronics retailers lose significant sales at Christmas, as a survey by the German Retail Association (HDE) showed for October and November (source: Statista). There are also great concerns in the areas of sporting goods, plants, musical instruments and furniture:

The overview of the industries shows hardly any relaxation for the Christmas business (source: Statista).

A total of 20 percent of the businesses surveyed are currently assuming significant shortfalls in income across all industries. For customers this means: a fifth of retailers will Often not able to meet demand with some certainty.

At first glance, it looks a lot better than in September, when 97 percent of consumer electronics retailers complained about delivery problems. But appearances are deceptive. That shows when you also have the Includes dealers who expect lower losses.

Go to sporting goods and musical instruments 100 percent assume that the demand cannot be met and to have losses as a result. In the electrical industry, too, the proportion of retailers who do not expect any losses at all is only very small. In these cases, limited availability of goods, albeit to a different extent, occurs practically everywhere.

If goods are available, it will be expensive

Particularly bitter for customers: The long-awaited time of the price increase is now within reach. “The industry has announced price increases and this is now inevitably arriving in the retail sector, ”says Klaus Wohlrabe from the Ifo Institute.

If you are still lucky enough to find a decent TV offer, you should see our tips on buying a TV – available in the Video – take seriously:

It is still unclear how high the price increases will be. At LG and Samsung, rising prices have been observed for some time, in some cases they have already increased by more than 20 percent. Since the situation has not relaxed so far, but rather worsened, are in the long term larger price increases realistic. This week it can be all the more worthwhile to take a look at the Black Friday offers and still grab one of the soon-to-be-rare bargains.


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