Microsoft has started distributing a preview update that will introduce new emojis to Windows 11. In addition, a few minor difficulties have been resolved. Some printer and audio issues have been resolved.

Windows 11: New emojis come via update

Windows 11 is available and the first updates for the new operating system are already being distributed by Microsoft. Now you have according to official information took care of emojis and revised graphics created. These come with an update that has now been released for PCs and notebooks. The old Microsoft mascot Clippy should of course not be missing.

According to Microsoft, attention was paid to the fluent design of Windows 11 in the design so that the emojis fit into the operating system as seamlessly as possible. The graphics should appear “personal and well-known” and at the same time “Modern and expressive” works. A team of emoji designers, program managers, font experts and developers contributed to the new emoji system, it is said (source: Windows Experience Blog).

This is what the new emojis look like on Windows 11. Image: Windows Experience Blog

The selection menu for emojis can be opened in Windows 11 with the combination Windows key + period key call. Even with Windows 10, this key combination can be used to easily select from emojis.

Windows 11: Update solves audio and printer problems

Microsoft has also taken care of a few problems with the update preview. This includes, among other things incorrectly displayed fonts and difficulty with audio playback. In addition, a better recognition of printers has been taken care of.

Im Video: That all changes with Windows 11.

The Windows 11 preview updates are optional updatesthat are classified by Microsoft as not relevant to security. Like any other update, the one that has now been released can be obtained from Windows Update.