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XD Global, New Collaboration Update for ‘Langrissa’ Adds Ryo Sanada, Toma Hashiba, and Kayura | Ruri Web

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Fantasy SRPG Langrisser, developed by Zilong Game Limited and served as Co-Marketing by XD Global with the official license rights of Extreme, which owns IP, today announced a new version update and collaboration with Samurai Troopers.

Samurai Troopers was originally planned as 20 episodes in 1988 in Japan, but it was extended to 39 episodes due to its popularity. It is a story in which each hero made up of five elements fights against the king of evil. In Japan, even after the anime ended, the five voice actors who were in charge of each hero got together to form a separate unit, NS5. Langrissa said that through this collaboration, you can meet Ryo Sanada, Toma Hashiba, and Kayura from the Yoma Empire.

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Ryo Sanada and Kayura have SSR grades, and Toma Hashiba has SR grades, so each hero’s skills and abilities are also special. First of all, Sanada Ryo has a unique skill that allows him to revive up to 3 times with his pre-battle health when he dies due to a first attack. It also has passives, such as restoring one’s own health or stunning the enemy in the next battle if the action is terminated within the danger range. The next SSR hero, Kayura, has a unique skill that restores the life of herself and the ally with the lowest HP when receiving area damage. Most of the skills can be recovered along with the attack, and they also have the ability to teleport within a certain range after the battle is over in case of a first attack.

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Hashiba Toma can be obtained from the event ‘Bizarre Magic Castle’ that is opened immediately after the update, and has a unique technique that seals the enemy’s passive before inflicting damage to the enemy by first attack. As a hero who uses a bow, he has many skills that deal greater damage to non-troopers, and additionally deals fixed damage depending on the status.

Battle of the Magic Tower Heroes.jpg

As for the other updates, the awakening period of Sanada Ryo, Kayura, Hashiba Toma, Listil, and Rance is added, and Rosensil’s Confession is opened. In addition, he informed users that the ‘Witchcraft Tower Battle of Heroes’, called ‘Langto Chess’, will be held for about two weeks.

Meanwhile, along with this new version, there will also be a login event, an additional unexplored event, and a double gate of fate event. More details can be found through the notice in the official cafe.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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