YouTube: See dislikes again – that’s how it works

The creators of YouTube recently decided to hide the number of “thumbs down” reactions and thus annoy the majority of users. However, the dislike display can be restored via a small detour.

Viewers can still rate videos badly, but only the number of positive ratings remains visible to others. The “thumbs down” is not a number. But you can change that again quickly.

Show number of dislikes again

In the YouTube app on the smartphone you can still see the number of “thumbs down” ratings. So if you call up videos on the device with a small display, you will still find out whether it is worth watching or not. It looks different in the browser version of YouTube on the desktop.

Here you can easily see the overview of the bad reviews via a browser add-on restore. This works with the browsers “Google Chrome” and “Firefox”. Download and installation are free:

Youtube Dislike Button

Youtube Dislike Button


Return Youtube Dislike Stats

Return Youtube Dislike Stats

Entwickler: Dmitry Selivanov

In the Chrome browser you may have to switch on the “developer mode” before the installation:

  1. First download the YouTube Dislike add-on for Chrome as a ZIP file from the installation page.
  2. Put in the address bar chrome://extensions a.
  3. Activates the setting for the here Developer mode.
  4. Then load the unpacked add-on from the download folder.

YouTube: restore the number of dislikes

Once you have installed the add-on, you may have to restart your browser. Then you just go to YouTube again. Below the video you can see both numbers for the positive and negative ratings of a video again. In addition, a bar shows the ratio of “up” and “down votes”. If you move your mouse over the bar, you will see the comparison of likes and dislikes again.

The browser extension brings back the number of bad ratings on YouTube.

With the little helpers, you get the dislike number for all videos where the value was visible before the shutdown. In an implementation in the YouTube app for Android & iPhone is being worked. More desktop browsers should also still receive the “Dislike” extension. In addition, the developers are in contact with the “YouTube Vanced” team in order to be able to insert the ad there in the future. Note that the browser add-ons are still in an early development phase. This can lead to display errors or other problems.

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