Tuesday, November 30

YouTuber Mr. Beast wants to host his own squid game

In terms of popularity, the South Korean hit series Squid Game although meanwhile on Netflix replaced by the League of Legends production Arcane, but that does not mean that it has completely disappeared from the public eye. The Ministry of Education and some concerned parents are probably still nibbling on Squid Game, and a second season has been announced.

Hence the famous YouTuber Mr. Beast, the one with more than 75 million subscribers has a considerable reach, at least not too late with his own project, at least not too late in spite of the flattening hype: he has decided to to organize his own squid game.

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No survival game, but big money

He kept sharing posts on Twitter about how his project was going. beginning of November he initially shared a time-lapse video of the complex construction work, one week later he then gave a quick look at some of the six games that the YouTuber had recreated.

In a video from the YouTuber Matthew Beem you can also use the Construction process behind the infamous doll of the first Squid Game game. Cost point for the project: Schlappe two million dollars. Another 1.5 million should be given as a prize for the winner. Because of course Mr. Beast not only recreated the South Korean production for fun, but also plans to host the actual Squid Game himself.

Like him on November 19th on twitter wrote, be the Games already turned off and just have to be cut. Just like in the series, he’s included 456 participants compete against each other in the Korean children’s games. Unlike the desperate people in the series, they didn’t have to fight for life and death. The final video is supposed to morning appear on his channel.

Those: Mr. Beast on Twitter

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