4 BJ members belonging to I.M. Brand ‘Taegyu Jeon’, ‘Seonbi Lim’, ‘Kyungmin Lee’, ‘Cook Dasul’, ‘Africa TV BJ Grand Prize’ by game category | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Mobile Game BJ Grand Prize Candidate ‘Tae-gyu Jeon’, popular with game broadcasting with high understanding and analytical power

– Game Entertainer (Female) Daesang Candidate ‘Seonbi Lim’, is on a steep rise in popularity due to her unique bright energy.

– Game Entertainer (Male) Grand Prize candidate ‘Kyung-Min Lee’, increasing popularity with comfortable charm and pleasant broadcasting

– ‘Cook Dassul’, an all-round creator regardless of genre such as game/cookbang/life, was nominated for the grand prize in the travel/leisure category

– Take the lead in social contribution activities such as donations and volunteer activities to spread good influence

IM Brand Co., Ltd. (CEO Kang Jae-chang) announced on the 24th that its creators ‘Taegyu Jeon’, ‘Seonbi Lim’, ‘Kyungmin Lee’ and ‘Dassul Cooke’ were nominated for the ‘2021 Africa TV BJ Grand Prize’.

The ‘2021 Afreeca TV BJ Grand Prize’ is an event where Afreeca TV selects and awards BJs who performed the most during the year. The awards ceremony, which began in 2011, is scheduled to select BJs with excellent broadcast indicators in a total of 19 categories this year. have.

Jeon Tae-gyu, who was nominated for the grand prize in the BJ ‘Mobile Game BJ’, which hosts various mobile game contents, is popular as a mobile game broadcaster with a high understanding and analysis of the game as he worked as a StarCraft first-generation pro gamer and StarCraft director. high.

In particular, ‘Tae-gyu Jeon’ widely publicizes the good functions of games to create a healthy game participation culture, and, together with his wife BJ Hepburn, participates in donations of sponsored items and orphanages, volunteer activities for abandoned dogs, and hair sharing campaigns for pediatric cancer patients. We are also taking the lead in contribution activities. On the 6th, in recognition of his contribution to this, he received the grand prize in the leading part of the ‘2021 Youth Day’ Creator Awards.

‘Seonbi Lim’, which is showing a sharp rise in popularity, was nominated for the grand prize of ‘Game Entertainer BJ (Female)’, which runs PC games, mobile games, and general game contents. Seonbi Lim is raising awareness with her unique bright energy that makes viewers smile.

BJ Lim Seon-bi is also continuously spreading good influence. At the end of last year, he made a donation with the fans he received through the broadcast, and won the Achievement Award at the ‘2021 Youth Day’ Creator Awards.

Creators ‘Lee Kyung-min’ and Cook Da-seul, affiliated with I.M. Brand, were also nominated for the Grand Prize at Afreeca TV BJ Awards.

‘Lee Kyung-min’, a former StarCraft pro gamer, was also nominated for the ‘Game Entertainer BJ (Male)’ grand prize, which runs various contents. BJ Lee Kyung-min is active in various broadcasting fields due to his hatred but irresistible charm, his ability to make viewers feel comfortable, and his high understanding of the game as a pro gamer.

‘Cook Dassul’ also conducts various contents such as daily life/life, and recently participated in the international game exhibition G-Star, etc.

Shim Hyun-bo, director of IM Brand Co., Ltd., said, “I am happy that the creators of IM Brand have been nominated for the grand prize in each field. Taking responsibility for this, we will continue to volunteer with our creators to contribute to creating a warmer society.”

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]