ADAC: E-car drivers use fast chargers

Anyone who drives long distances in an e-car needs a strong charging infrastructure. Hardly any other factor decides so much about the success or failure of the mobility transition. However, if you ask e-car drivers about their experiences, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Anyone who has already switched to the electric car can consider themselves lucky in many ways. For example, charging is still cheaper than filling up, despite high electricity prices. But there is still a lot to do around the charging stations – especially with fast chargers – as a survey by the ADAC shows.

Charging situation for e-cars: There is room for improvement at the charging station

According to this, 40 percent of the e-car drivers surveyed are dissatisfied with the charging situation over long distances of 100 km or more. In addition to the general expansion of charging options, the complicated payment is also criticized. 67 percent want it easier ad hoc payments by card. While the industry is resisting the installation of card readers, these should become mandatory from mid-2023.

The biggest annoyance at the charging station, however, only has to do indirectly with the charging stations: It’s the others E-car owners who block connections for too long. Around three quarters of those surveyed would therefore support a blocking fee. If you leave the Stromer on the cable for too long, you would have to pay extra.

In addition, e-car drivers speak out against the opaque pricing. “Electric car drivers often cannot see at charging stations which prices are actually billed, and in some cases the prices for ad-hoc charging are twice as high as those for contract customers “, says ADAC technology president Karsten Schulze (source: ADAC).

In addition, around a third of those surveyed had difficulties in even finding charging stations. Once they arrive, even more e-mobilists have problems: 32 percent said that Charging processes fail sometimes or more frequently would. Reasons: Defective charging stations, non-functioning activation, charging cards or corresponding apps would not be accepted.

Many a mistake stands in the way of e-mobility. With five of them we are clearing the Video on:

ADAC confirms: Tesla Superchargers are the better fast chargers

The exciting thing about the ADAC study: For the 400 e-car drivers surveyed, a comparison group of 100 Tesla owners who charged on the company’s own superchargers was used. There are in practically all examined categories significantly better results for Tesla come about.