Aggro counter? Hearthstone Alterac Valley New Card

◇ Card Name: Wing Commander Mulverick
◇ Occupation: druid
◇ Rating: Legend
◇ Type: minion
◇ Mana: 4
◇ Ability: 2/5

◇Effect: Rush, your minions gain “Honorable Strike: Summons a 2/2 Wyvern with Rush.”

■ Background information

Alterac Valley is an area where the Horde’s Frostwolf clan and the Alliance’s Stormpike Expedition fight for ownership around the Alterac Mountains.

After the military power system was updated, the play time was a bit shorter, but before that, the commander of the opposing faction, “Vandar Stormpike” or “Drek’Thar” had to be defeated to win. As a result, the playtime of Alterac Valley Battlegrounds lasted close to 3 days and 2 nights, and it was quite a long battle, and players from both camps had to use every element in the battlefield to somehow win.

▲ Alterac’s ultimate summon, Lokhola. Appeared as a Frost Elemental illustration in Hearthstone, but is expected to appear as a new card

Squadron Commander Mulberic is also an NPC that appears in Alterac Valley, and is detained in the northern Dunvaldar trenches deep in the Alliance camp. If you capture the trench and rescue him, he will return to the Horde base, and if you return the quest items obtained by defeating the opposing faction, you can dispatch a Wyvern squadron that drops bombs that stun enemies.

In addition to Mulberic in the Horde faction, there are squadron commanders named Gus and Jeztol, and in the Alliance camp there are squadron commanders named Ikhman, Bifor, and Sildor. These are parodies of “Top Gun,” one of the first movies to feature fighters, and Mulverick is a slightly twisted name for the main character, “Maverick,” played by Tom Cruise.

He also appears in World of Warcraft’s first expansion, “The Burning Crusade.” Reputing the Nether Dragonflight in Shadowmoon Valley allows me to do mount and race quests, which have shown considerable flying combat prowess as they are modeled after Mavericks.

▲ Wing Commander Mulverick from Shadowmoon Valley in Outland

Mulverick also appears in the “Warlords of Draenor” expansion, which deals with the parallel dimensions of Outland, as a high-level follower who assists in missions in the garrison.

■ card effect

Squadron Commander Mulverick is a 4 mana 2/5 minion, and it’s hard to say that he’s a very good minion based on his mana-to-mana stats alone. It has a quick attack, but the classic card “Stormwind Knight” has charge with the same cost and stats, and “Militia Commander” in the Witchwood expansion pack has the effect of gaining +3 ATK in the turn it appears, so it definitely cuts off minions with 5 or less health. It’s a bit of a disappointment when you think about what you could do.

▲ Similar minions with the same cost and stats as Mulverick

However, the true value of this minion lies in imparting the Honorable Strike effect to all allied minions. While this minion is alive, if all friendly minions deal damage equal to the enemy minion’s remaining health — aka “Damn”, you can summon a 2/2 Wyvern minion with Rush.

Because it is a passive effect, not Battlecry, Honorable Strike is also applied to Wyverns summoned by Honorable Strike, or minions summoned by Spells and Deathrattle, allowing favorable exchanges. In addition, it can be said that the range of use is very wide, as Honorable Strike is activated even for damage caused by battle cries, etc., rather than direct attacks from minions.

■ Advantage – A special potion against many weak minions.

The biggest advantage of Wing Commander Melverick is that he can easily clean up enemy fields full of low-health minions and fill his own field.

Druid lacks spells and minions that can attack wide-area compared to other classes, so if you lose the initiative in an aggro vs aggro fight, you will be pushed back by the opponent’s amount or your hand will dry out in the middle of the fight because you can’t restore your field there were many

However, with the advent of Wing Commander Mulverick, it is easier to deal with a large number of enemies with low health, and in theory, it is possible to clean up all enemy minions and fill your field with Wyverns.

▲ Maintaining the field using new cards – Druids who are likely to gain leadership

Since Honorable Strike doesn’t directly attack minions, it also works on damage caused by effects such as Battlecry, so it’s easy to set up conditions for Honorable Strike to trigger using a minion like “Quillpen Mischief”.

In particular, unlike AoE attacks, which often end with number 1, it is triggered when damage occurs, so it is expected that it will have a great effect on cleaning up enemy minions that are pouring out small tokens with the death echo effect. If you can link the minion buff spell to this, you can also create a surprise reverse angle.

▲ You can clear the opponent’s field while increasing the number of minions with Battle Cry!

■ Disadvantages – typical weak gang gang yak

Wing Commander Mulverick, who is very effective against aggro decks like this. However, if your opponent is using a mid-range or big deck, the power will be greatly reduced.

Cards such as the aforementioned “Military Commander” in the Witchwood can deal 5 damage during the turn they appear, which is useful for suppressing strong enemy minions, but Squadron Commander Mulverick is a 2/5 fast attack when he can’t activate Honorable Strike. Because it’s just a minion.

▲ When you meet a big minion, it takes your breath away…

In other words, for this card to see the light of day, aggro decks must be a prerequisite for being a mainstream meta. It means that it has a bad value when you use spells to clear the field and play against OTK and big decks that watch the second half. No, rather, if this card is caught early on, it can take the place of a low-cost minion or buff spell, which can lead to a situation in which your hand is twisted.

■ Overall Review

In general, Hearthstone’s tempo is fast-paced, so if aggro decks are rampant, Wing Commander Melverick will be able to exert a tangible effect. However, the newly received Druid’s Hero replacement card “Nature’s Essence Garp” is “Why don’t you try a big deck?” while enticing players.

Of course, assuming you are playing a mid-to-late deck that utilizes mana pumping and “celestial alignment” rather than using it for aggro vs aggro purpose, it is quite possible to reset the opponent’s field with a large number of minions or rather take the initiative. .

In any case, it is clear that it is a card that utilizes the effect of the new keyword, Honorable Strike, by 120%, so it remains to be seen whether it can explode its potential in the future.