AK Interactive, ‘The Best Colossus in the World’ held late-night store event in 2021 | Ruri Web

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AK Interactive (CEO: Chan-ik Jeong), an economic strategy online game developed and serviced by AK Interactive (CEO: Chan-ik Jeong), will operate a late-night store event in 2021.

Through quests that you can participate in during the event period, you can receive the White Dragon Orb item, which can only be obtained from the midnight shop in 2021. The White Dragon Orb item is a limited item that raises the main character’s magic resistance, and when the maximum 5 enhancement is completed, the battle entry effect will also be changed more splendidly.

In addition, in the memory stationery event held together, you can draw dalgona using a needle that can be obtained by participating in a simple mission every day. In Dalgona, you can randomly obtain various items, including Damun Heavenly King’s headband and Gwangmok Heavenly King’s mask, and you can receive Honglin Helmet and Yeoui Orb Expansion Certificate as a cumulative guaranteed reward.

A representative of AK Interactive said, “I look forward to enjoying the special event prepared with gratitude to those who always love the Colossus. “He said.

For more information on the 2021 Late Night Store event, please visit the Cheonha Best Colossus Event page (http://www.gersang.co.kr/event/2021/20211124_Nigh5re3tau24nt/main.gs#link) can be checked.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]