Would you like to explore strange, beautiful worlds? And maybe recover from a stressful day? The new science fiction adventure Exo One offers you a breathtaking journey to strange planets – and you won’t let go of you so quickly.

Indie Games

Some games have one goal above all else: get you through one wonderful world to guide and see to it that you yourself relaxed. For some, these are games like Minecraft, others love to explore Stardew Valley cuddled up in a blanket. Exo One It belongs in a different category, but it should achieve exactly the same thing for some.

In the science fiction exploration game you control a mysterious little ball that can use gravity to gain momentum and soar into the air. Rolling and flying you explore different planets in the game, following a mysterious signal through space and time. Of the hypnotic flight simulator connects visually high-quality landscapes between mountainous deserts and lush forests – your goal is always a gigantic blue beam on the horizon, which sends you on interplanetary journeys.

Take a look at the beautiful Exo One:

On the official homepage of Exo One you can read more about it.

The ten-minute or so Demo zu Exo One you can now try it for free on Steam. Do not allow yourself to be dissuaded from the initially somewhat difficult control: Once learned, it should flow straight into your blood. Exo One has won some indie awards and is without question as hypnotic as suggested in the trailer. If you liked games like Journey, Abzu or Flower, you should try this science fiction adventure at least once.

So far, Exo One has only appeared on Steam and Xbox One, on 18. November 2021. It is still unclear whether the game will also pay a visit to other consoles.