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Battlefield 2042: Level Up Fast – The Best Methods

In Battlefield 2042 you can level up your overall level, weapon and vehicle level. There are several ways to do this. In the following we will tell you which methods you use to level up quickly.

Play Breakthrough mode

Compared to the “Conquest” mode, “Breakthrough” has a higher potential for earning more XP. Not only kills earn you EP, but also pointing out enemies, be it through the Environmental sensor or through the specialist Casper.

Alternatively, you can also take the specialist Sundance. If you have the opportunity, choose an elevated point on the map (a high-rise or similar) to get started. Jumps off and activates the Sundance wingsuit. Fly over the map, around the enemy line and behind or next to your opponents, thereby flanking the enemies. Once you have reached your desired point, you can farm kills from there. At least until the enemy team takes you out.

However, if you prefer to play the “Conquest” mode, you should not only worry about kills, but also about the targets. True to the motto: “Play the fu ***** objective”! Taking targets and defending targets gives you extra XP.

Level weapon quickly

In order to get the most out of the best weapons, you should of course level the rifle so that you can equip it with the right attachments. By the way, if you want to unlock all trophies and achievements, you also have to get a T1 championship badge with any weapon.

To level the weapon as quickly as possible, you should play solo against bots. To do this, select “All Out Warfare” in the menu. Then you press square / X (PS / Xbox), then R1 / RB (PS / XBox) to switch to “Solo & Koop”. Now press the triangle / Y (PS / XBox) to select the map and the difficulty level of the bots.

Decide on the weapon you want to level, choose the one “Breakthrough” mode with the easiest level of difficulty and take the Map “Hourglass”. You can best farm kills at the sand dunes of the map, as the opponents have no cover there.

Level vehicle quickly

There is also a very good method to level your vehicle quickly. It is only important that your vehicle also counts assists for leveling. Use the environment sensor for this. the Method works like this:

Drive your vehicle into battle, get out, throw the environmental sensor and immediately get back into your vehicle. When you’re back in the vehicle, the assists count on your vehicle. Of course, you should still produce your own kills with your vehicle, but the additional assists from the environment sensor accelerate the leveling process.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this method will not work on all vehicles. So, to be on the safe side, check the menu beforehand.

Stay away from XP farm servers in Portal

If you browse the servers in the Battlefield Portal, you will most likely see many Server with “XP-Farm” in the title. Do not join these servers! Developer EA Dice has reduced the XP you can get on portal servers. In addition, they are often already full, which means you spawn on the side of the bots. Better to open a solo game yourself and play against bots alone to earn XP (see above).

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