Belloff, ‘Lost Saga’ New Costume ‘Guardian’ Update | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– On the 27th (Wednesday), the new costume ‘Guardian’ was updated.

– Added 2 types of new equipment such as ‘Exile Helmet’

– Lost Saga Happy Halloween Event

The Daejeon action online game serviced by Belloff Co., Ltd. (CEO Shin Jae-myung) unveiled a new costume ‘Guardian’ today (24th).

‘Guardian’ is a new costume that exudes a sophisticated and sophisticated atmosphere.

At the same time, two new pieces of equipment with brilliant effects, such as the ‘Exile Helmet’ that blow the opponent to another dimension, and the ‘Pierro Costume’ that destroy the skill gauge and deal damage equal to the amount blown, have been newly added.

In celebration of Black Friday, various products are on sale until December 8 (Wednesday). You can find products such as ‘Range Mercenary Summon Scroll’, ‘Custom Medal 33P’, and ‘Occultist Costume’ at a great discount from 33% up to 80%.

In addition, on Black Friday, a special Black Friday event where you can obtain rich rewards such as the ‘Black Farmer Costume Package’ and ‘Rare Mercenary Summon Scroll’ will be held, and 50% of the daily used goods will be returned. We prepared a variety of events along with discounted products to make Black Friday more abundant.

At the same time, new products will be added through the reorganization of the in-game store, and old products will be renewed to improve new fun and user satisfaction.

More details can be found on the official website.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]