Better than his reputation? This is how Battlefield 2042 is received by GameStar readers

Battlefield 2042 is currently a much discussed topic. Let’s look at those Steam ratings on, the picture is very dramatic. Just 27 percent of the 42,000+ reviews are positive. On Metacritic, the new shooter from DICE only got a 2.3 in the user rating.

The press reviews are also critical, if not as devastating as the user ratings. Here comes a Metacritic-Score out of a total of 73. This means that the average is also very close to our own test rating. We gave Battlefield a 76, but deducted another five points due to bugs, which results in a current rating of 71 points:

Battlefield 2042 is also currently being discussed intensively on However, the opinions here are not as negative as they are on Steam and probably in many other parts of the Internet as well. At least that was the result of a poll with over 15,000 votes.

That is the poll result

For the sake of clarity, we have put the voices below

For the sake of clarity, we have excluded the votes under “I don’t play Battlefield 2042”.

As you can clearly see, the mood is very mixed: the survey participants almost equally voted for It’s going ok, Gut and Not good at all. So there is no real agreement as GameStar readers rate Battlefield 2042. The mood generally tends to be negative – just not as devastating as on Steam and Metacritic.

Also exciting: Less than a tenth of you gave back Battlefield 2042. There is a simple reason why the return value is so low despite the mixed, rather negative mood: Many of you first tested Battlefield 2042 via Xbox Game Pass or EA Play. In both game subscriptions you can play the shooter for a total of 10 hours before you have to make a purchase decision.

Our Battlfield experts Dimi, Phil and Fabian Siegismund also discuss in the current podcast whether Battlefield 2042 can still be saved and what DICE has to change:

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What do you say specifically about Battlefield 2042

Of course, we were also eager to follow your opinions and thoughts in the comments. Most of you complain about the performance problems and bugs that keep coming up. But every now and then the question arises who the new Battlefield offshoot is aimed at.

A multiplayer shooter that doesn’t even have hit registration and boxing is a joke. In addition, there are massive performance problems and only 20 weapons, as well as attachments that mostly only change the appearance of the weapons and unfortunately only provide little depth. […]

Sure: People who play occasionally with a powerful high-end computer and only know the previous parts superficially, may find fun in the game. The question, however, is: for how long?


In addition to technical problems, many of you also criticize gameplay decisions such as the introduction of specialists or map design. For many, the classic Battlefield feeling is missing.

I’m missing almost everything that has made Battlefield so far for me. It’s playfully poor, graphically just okay, completely buggy, poor in content and full of questionable decisions. […] But it has potential. It will never be a real Battlefield, you would have to replace the specialists with the old classes, but I think Hazard Zone and Portal give the game a lot.

I would be happy if they would integrate Battlefield 2, 3 or Bad Company 2, for example, with the next content updates. There are a lot of possibilities …


The GameStar headline Battlefield 2042 plays like a great Battlefield in the best moments, but … hits it pretty well. The problem for me is that these good moments are unfortunately far too rare. […] I returned the game without much pain.


Battlefield 2042 - release conclusion: unfinished and out with it!


Battlefield 2042 – release conclusion: unfinished and out with it!

The classic Battlefield moments and the associated euphoria have not completely disappeared. Again and again, many of you talk about having fun in friend squads. And almost a quarter of those surveyed who played Battlefield 2042 also rated the shooter gut.

I really enjoy the game. Of course you can get excited about the bugs forever, after all, it’s a full price game. But that’s not something that would make me desperate now. […] Personally, I like to equip my specialist. I also think the team play so far is better than in the previous parts. I mean: Even in the past, the medic was only played to heal itself. […]

Ultimately, everyone has to form their own opinion. […] I wish those who like it a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield tonight.


Above all, it will be exciting to see what the upcoming patches and updates will bring, how quickly the performance problems and bugs will be addressed and what innovations we may still be able to expect in Battlefield 2042. The update roadmap at least makes great promises. The next patch should be released on November 25th and address some bug problems. A third update is already planned and confirmed by the developers. But what it contains is still unclear.

We will definitely keep you informed about all upcoming updates and interesting news.