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Black Friday & Co .: Helpful or just annoying? Tell us your opinion

Black Friday is actually an American phenomenon. Black Friday traditionally always takes place a week after Thanksgiving, as the Thanksgiving festival and, in addition to a family weekend, heralds the start of the pre-Christmas shopping season. Black Friday is now improperly known all over the world and stands for one thing above all: discounts.

In Germany, too, many companies advertise a whole week before Black Friday with a lot of offers. Everyone wants to have their own event. No matter if Cyberweek, Pre-Black-Friday or any weekend special offers: everyone wants a part of the big shopping cake for themselves.

There is no question that the whole event is apparently worthwhile for providers: After all, otherwise the Internet and every billboard would not be flooded with Black Friday offers every year. But how do you see it as a consumer? Do you use such campaign weeks? That’s exactly what we want to know from you in a survey:

Please write us your detailed opinion on Black Friday in the comments.

For everyone interested: which offers are worthwhile

Anyone who has clicked on one of the first three answers in the survey should now read on carefully. Because if you really want to use Black Friday for yourself, you will also find many helpful tips and tricks on in order not to lose track of the flood of offers.

On the one hand, our deal team has put together a great overview of the best deals for PC gamers. There you will find purchase advice and currently worthwhile deals. Of course, those who prefer editorial recommendations will not go away empty-handed. We have listed the most exciting questions and tips for you:

Incidentally, if you are hoping to get hold of an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5 on sale, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. The new consoles are still hard to get at the standard price, because demand is high and supply is low.

Micha, AK and Rae also talk about this in the podcast for the first birthday of the new next-gen consoles:

Link to Podcast content

In the podcast, they also look back on previous console launches and discuss whether Sony and Microsoft have benefited from the corona pandemic.

But enough of us and more of you now. Take part in the survey and write us your detailed opinion in the comments!

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