Buy PS5: will Black Friday bring console supplies?

Numerous dealers are currently preparing for the Black Friday at the end of the week before or even have many offers in their range. On this special day, of course, many players also hope that they will have another chance at one PS5 can be obtained. We’ll tell you the current state of affairs.

Buy PS5 from Amazon

In fact, expectations for new consoles were around Amazon high this Wednesday. However, there was no sale. So far, the majority of the PS5 has always been distributed to customers on Wednesday mornings. As part of the Black Friday week But replenishment is not ruled out. The campaign will run until November 29, 2021. Last always had Prime members exclusive access to the PS5 units (buy now ).

Buy PS5 from PlayStation Direct

Earlier this week Sony sent a few emails to select PlayStation players who opened a PS5 at the newly opened today PlayStation Direct Store could acquire. The sales window was open for almost two hours – but here, too, the consoles were limited despite the invitation.

There are no official requirements for receiving such an email. However, according to reports, it seems helpful to have a PSN account for at least five years. Also a membership in Playstation plus is obviously important. It is still unclear when the next sale will take place. The last action (two weeks ago) had to be canceled.

Which retailers could offer the PS5 on Black Friday?

In addition to the top favorite Amazon, the online shops of Expert or Alternate theoretically it’s turn again. Alternate only got a new one a few hours ago PS5-Package added to the range, which comes with accessories and games at a price of 1,009 euros and thus costs twice as much as the standard model when purchased individually.

Where can I buy the PS5? Here is our watchlist


Other PS5 dealers

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