Cheap graphics cards? Don’t let the new Intel leak fool you!

About the lack of graphics cards and the unfortunately again drastically increased prices to report for it is probably as little fun as reading about it. There is rarely any reason for hope – and that too was a long time ago.

Unfortunately, this is probably not much different with this news, although at first it even looks like a little light at the end of the tunnel. And that is what Intel, of all people, should donate to us, which is not known for its low prices anyway.

Intel graphics card reportedly for $ 179

Because as the leaker and Youtuber Moore’s Law Is Dead reports in a current video, Intel is planning to use an entry-level graphics card in the performance class of a GTX 1650 Super, which can be had for 179 US dollars or even less. You can watch the full video in English here:

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Link to YouTube content

Specifically, it is a GPU from the Intel Alchemist series with 128 Execution Units (EUs), corresponding to 1,024 computing units, a maximum clock rate of 2.2 to 2.5 GHz, 75 watts of power consumption and 6.0 GB of video memory. Wide availability can be expected in the late second quarter of 2022.

The alleged specs in the overview:

  • Model: DG2-128
  • Execution Units: 128
  • Shader: 1.024
  • VRAM: 6,0 GByte GDDR6
  • Clock rate: 2.2 to 2.5 GHz
  • Power consumption: 75 Watt

How realistic is less than 200 euros for a graphics card?

It is actually sad to be happy about a graphics card that will be at the same performance and price level around mid-2022 as an entry-level GPU three years ago. In our opinion, it is only a little sadder that this is completely unrealistic in view of the current situation. It seems much more likely that the graphics card will cost twice as much. The reasons for this are very simple:

There is no end in sight to the shortage of chips. Nvidia and other companies from the semiconductor industry are expecting continued bottlenecks for the whole of the coming year. In the expert talk at GameStar we come to a similar result:

When does the price go down, how do we play tomorrow?


Future of graphics cards

When does the price go down, how do we play tomorrow?

Intel will probably not be able to take a special route, especially since the graphics chips do not come from our own production, but production capacities are rented from the Taiwanese contract manufacturer TSMC. And they are in great demand: AMD, Nvidia, Apple, companies from the automotive industry and other branches of industry, to name just a few, have long been queuing up.

In short: We don’t think that in six months there will be graphics cards at a street price below 200 dollars / euro. About the EIA, perhaps, but it has long since lost its importance in the wake of the crisis.